Is August the End of Summer or the Beginning of a New Start?


Is it REALLY August already? I’m in total shock. Not that it hasn’t been tremendously fun and filled with cool projects and such, but I still have so much I want to accomplish, which takes dedicated attention. This is likely the first summer where we stayed close to home and didn’t head off to places like Spain. It feels great to be local, to fall back in love with the things right here and now. Plus, my new blog site is up as you heard in the last post. And now my Moon PR site is getting a makeover as well to get ready for new PR projects.

August reminds me of growing up and getting ready for the new school year. Instead of new school supplies: notebooks, sharpened pencils, and a new lunchbox, I have a new logo, a new website, and a new computer. I am excited to tackle the fall with a whole new outlook. August might be the eighth month, but really it’s just the beginning.

the beach

Nothing like going to our local beach down the street. Easy on, easy off. No excuse not to walk each day. Plus love taking photographs of those iconic lifeguard chairs.

get outside

Hiking and getting out into the woods, in the Aspetuck Land Trust. Just two weeks ago my friend and fellow photographer, Fredda Gordon, snapped this of me.

eating well

These blueberries were picked by my very own hands. Delish and ready for a pie. Made with coconut sugar and almond flour now that I am gluten free and sugar free and oh yes, dairy free.


new york city

New York City is my local haunt, the place I commute to often and enjoy every minute of it, just like millions of tourists right now.


join the august break community

Each August, instagrammers all around the world are involved in #augustbreak2017. A prompt a day and you post an image.

create your summer chatbook for $8

It’s the best deal in town, for just $8 you too can create a tiny book like this, filled with your favorite summer memories. This is a page out of my book. Check out chatbooks.

All photographs are taken by me, unless I have noted otherwise in the caption. I used my Canon 5D III and iPhone 7.

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