Thirteen Quiet Moments in Sevilla & Ronda, Spain

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“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. Robert Louis Stevenson

It was a wise choice to visit Spain and Tangier, Morocco in late May and early June. It was quiet calm before the storm of crowds at the major attractions. We passed through Sevilla, Ronda, Granada, Marbella and then Tangier before heading back to New York. This post begins a three-part series on this extraordinary trip. First up, Sevilla & Ronda, Spain

sevilla, spain

Sevilla ©Nancy Moon-8608

The gothic Sevilla Cathedral is enormous, considered the third largest in floor space in the Christian world after St. Peter’s in the Vatican and St. Paul’s in London.


Sevilla ©Nancy Moon-8630

A photograph from the Giralda, which is accessed from inside the Cathedral. It’s wonderful to view the Alcazar and the pinnacles of the Cathedral.


Sevilla ©Nancy Moon-8679

Sevilla, Spain


Sevilla ©Nancy Moon-8680

Sevilla, Spain :: The city was the inspiration for the comic opera, The Barber of Seville.


Sevilla ©Nancy Moon-9414

Me with Steve, Palacio Gotico Sevilla, Spain (photo credit @Raffie)


Sevilla ©Nancy Moon-9474

Reflection in the Garden….reflecting Morrish, Renaissance and Baroque styles …. Sevilla, Spain.


Sevilla ©Nancy Moon-9537

Sevilla, Spain


Sevilla ©Nancy Moon-9576

Looking down the street in Sevilla, Spain.


Sunflowers in El Coronil Spain

Leaving Sevilla and exploring the sunflowers in El Coronil Spain.

ronda, spain

Ronda Spain ©Kylie-8563

Me at the Plaza de Toros Bullring :: Ronda, Spain (photo credit ©Kylie). To this day they hold some bullfights. Ernest Heminway loved coming to Ronda to watch.


Ronda Spain ©Nancy Moon-8845

The Puente Nuevo — The New Bridge — joining the old Moorish town with the newer parts.


Ronda Spain ©Nancy Moon-8828

Ronda, Spain :: declared a city by Julius Caesar in late 4C AD.


Ronda Spain ©Nancy Moon-8199

Ronda, Spain, overlooking the El Tajo Gorge.  Ronda is a popular city in this Andalucia community.

Most are taken with the Canon EOS 5D MarkIII.

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9 responses to “Thirteen Quiet Moments in Sevilla & Ronda, Spain”

  1. Elisa Smith says:

    You really captured the heart and soul of Sevilla. Your photos have stirred memorias dulces para mi!

  2. Katie Settel says:

    Lovely, always feel like I was there when I see your images.

    • Nancy Moon says:

      Thanks, quite a nice thing to say coming from a PRO like you. You are so kind! I want you to explore all sorts of spots in our area with moi. I have a real cool field trip to tell you about.

  3. Karen Nedler Quinn says:

    Nancy, these are just beautiful images. I was in Spain last summer and I think your photos are more amazing than the real thing.

  4. Hi Nancy! Thanks for share your beautiful photos. Definitely I want to go to Ronda, Morocco and Sevilla. I loved your photo with Steve in Palacio Gótico. Miss you girl! You guys are my favorite couple 🙂

  5. Raffie says:

    Beautiful shots Nan!! Makes me miss Sevilla and Ronda so much. Very nice post, looking forward to the next two 😉

  6. Phil says:

    My favorite post yet! Your photos are remarkable… Keep up the great work!