Breakaway From NYC Winter on A Cruise to Nowhere

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Want to get away from your hectic life without going too far? A cruise to nowhere on the Norwegian Breakaway can break up the persistent NYC winter. I’ll go to great lengths for a glimpse of the New York City skyline at night. And this time, I got two glimpses; one coming and one going.

When it’s cold out in New York City, most people I know nest inside and head out only when necessary. So on a zero degree morning we decided to do something most folks do only in the summer months. The NYC-inspired cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway, when it’s not taking the week-long journey to the Bahamas, cruises out into the sea for just TWO days. You may know of this as “A Cruise to Nowhere”. It offers great food, Cirque du Soleil, theater, entertainment, and the (very important) spa. If you board during summer the ship also has a a huge aqua park, sports complex and great pool.

But I was most interested in seeing this city that I love so much from a vantage point many don’t experience. I perched myself on the top deck taking photos, while the windchill fell below zero. 4,000 other passengers were partying somewhere cozy and warm, inside. We left on Friday, then returned Sunday. The captain assured me if I woke up at 3am on Sunday, I would experience traveling under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, past the Statue of Liberty and Freedom Tower again, and into port. It was spectacular.


Peter Max.

The hull of the Norwegian Breakaway is painted by one of my favorite modern artists, Peter Max.


See the ice in the water.

Norwegian Breakaway sleeps 4,000.


Cruise to Nowhere-1812

Steve on the top deck. I used to take the Circleliner to get this view. We are over 14 floors high.


Cruise to Nowhere-1889-2

Statue of Liberty from the deck of ship.


Cruise to Nowhere-1829

Freedom Tower from the ship.


Cruise to Nowhere-1924

Even though the temp was in the single digits, having a balcony view was key. 


Cruise to Nowhere-2166

We didn’t gamble, but I watched.


Snow on the top deck of the cruise ship.

3:00 am. Snow on the top deck of the cruise ship. Coming back into port they roped off the top so accidents didn’t happen. The winds were whipping and snow was everywhere. I wasn’t supposed to be on the deck, but found one other photographer to take my picture.


I woke up at 3am to go under the Verazzano Bridge.

3:00 am. I woke up at to cruise under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Then poof, back in port after 2 days “at sea”.


A cruise of any length is not complete without a cheesy photograph like this. The Cirque performance was terrific!

A cruise of any length is not complete without a cheesy photograph like this. The Cirque performance was terrific!


Most images are taken with the iPhone 5s. Some are taken with the Canon EOS 5D MarkIII.

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7 responses to “Breakaway From NYC Winter on A Cruise to Nowhere”

  1. Hope says:

    Hi Nancy! I love these pictures! So funny you feature Norwegian as I am sailing with them at the end of March. I can’t wait to get out of the cold Northeast. Hope to see you soon.

    • Nancy Moon says:

      Hope, how cool that you are going to be on the same ship!!! You are going ot love it. Make sure you head up to the top deck to see the view. 🙂

  2. lorie says:

    WOW!!You always make your adventures feel so inviting,,I love all of these photographs,SO colorful like you ! Thanks for sharing ,xxoo

  3. Penny Hornwood says:

    So, you got me at the Peter Max mural
    on the Boat. Totally Groovy. You and Steve
    really know how to get away.
    Love how much color and texture and fun you
    packed into 48 hours!

    • Nancy Moon says:

      Hi Penny, it was so groovy. Peter Max is brilliant, look at this hull!!! Do you and Glo cruise? @pennyhornwood:disqus

      • Penny Hornwood says:

        Mountains, farms, seasides… That’s the part of Mother Earth I love most. Gloria and Carl were big fans of cruises. Perhaps there is a brief cruise in my future.