Hunting Street Art: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

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Before I left for Africa in September I wandered around New York City taking photographs of street art that popped out at me from the busy streets. I hunted down several from my favorite street artists including the fabulouly talented Bradley Theodore, and had the opportunity to meet him at an opening downtown.

Outrageously talented street artists use the city as their canvas. Artists paint huge murals that take over blank surfaces and storefronts. Some artists ask permission, some still don’t. I migrate toward appreciating street artists who are commissioned by store owners and the city who support  having art brighten up their walls and garage doors. Many artists make a nice connection with the community and sometimes school aged children are even given the opportunity to paint.

Each day murals go up, murals come down.

Let me know what you find as you walk through your neighborhood in the comments below.



As seen from the Highline, the elevated railway turned greenway. The Highline runs between Gansevoort and West 34th Street in NYC. By Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra.


A cool mural on 12th Street.  Smith took this photograph for me.

A skateboarder skates by a mural on 12th Street. My friend Elisa Smith took this photograph for me.


Brooklyn, I was lucky and saw a bride and groom posing!

Dumbo Brooklyn. Japanese illustrator Yuko Shimizu teamed up with Sagmeister & Walsh to create those murals under the BQE underpass at Jay Street. They were commissioned by the DUMBO Improvement District, Two Trees Management Co and the NYCDOT Urban Art Program.


By Bradley Theodore.

By Bradley Theodore. Follow @BradleyTheodore on Instagram. 


Bradley Theodore.

This is Bradley Theodore. He painted this small mural for his friend’s store. I met him there.


Me with artist, Bradley Theodore.

Me with artist, Bradley Theodore. Google his name, you will find his work everywhere. Easy to follow him on instagram @BradleyTheodore for up-to-the-minute paintings.


Diana Vreeland by Bradley Theodore.

Diana Vreeland by Bradley Theodore.


Astoria Queens.

Astoria Queens. Over ten children were spotted painting this.


Audrey Hepburn.

Little Italy, NYC. Audrey Hepburn by Brooklyn-based Tristan Eaton. Organized by L.I.S.A. (Little Italy Street Art Project), an initiative that brings together a diverse group of street artists to create Manhattan’s only mural district near historic Mulberry Street.



Rocket Joe’s Pizza, 61 Delancey Street, NYC.


From the Highline.

From the Highline. Lady Luck by Jordan Betten.


The Berkshires.

Mural in the Berkshires, New York State.



Downtown NYC.


This Bradley Theodore mural sadly does not exist any longer. Instead, the mural below is in its place. {photo by}.

This Bradley Theodore uber-popular mural “Anna and Karl” sadly does not exist here any longer. Instead, the mural below is in its place. Note photo from same spot in the street. {photo by}.


Here is what they decided to cover up the wonderful Bradley Theodore

Bradley Theodore’s mural “Anna and Karl” was replaced with Butterfly Wings Mural by Kelsey Montague.


by Bradley Theodore.

Hotel Chantelle embraces the street art trend with a piece by Bradley Theodore. 92 Ludlow Street, NYC.


12th Street, NYC. Photo taken by my friend, Elisa Smith.

12th Street, NYC. Photo taken by my friend, Elisa Smith.



Downtown NYC.


Another view of Bradley Theodore's painting.

Another view of Bradley Theodore’s painting.


You can

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