Over the Moon About This Book, This App & a Bit of Color

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I’m over the moon about these goodies from my business and personal worlds…

To start with, these light-hearted books by author Alexandra Stoddard.


Inspiring books to help you live your life to the fullest

Book signing with Alexandra Stoddard.

Book signing with Alexandra Stoddard.

I love books, I often run public relations campaigns for authors around the country. I go to author readings everywhere and just bought an iPad-mini so I can read my Kindle books on the train. I usually focus on marketing books and now, books on Africa in preparation for my trip. But hearing and meeting Alexandra was an inspirational treat. You may know her as an author of over twenty-five books. Living a Beautiful Life, a book about inspiring her readers to live each day to the fullest. Books about creating parties with my clients. Books about mothers and daughters.  Easy-to-read books. I find it nice to mix up the types of books I digest…some for business, some for fun. You might, too.

Me, with author Alexandra Stoddard.

Me, with author Alexandra Stoddard.


This smartphone app for your photographs: Percolator


Percolator. Before and after.

Every so often I have to find and fiddle with new iPhone photo apps. You might enjoy experimenting with digital photography as well. For my PR work I find myself using the usual filters on Instagram, to lighten and crop. But for some of your personal images … why not try fun apps like Percolator.  See the photograph above for my before and after comparison. The pink flower below, also edited with Percolator app, is one of my favorites. Android users can go here.




Don’t forget to try Waterlogue, too

Remember this app from a previous blog post?



You might really like this smartphone photo app, Waterlogue, which I have written about before. If you missed that blog post on a great public relations event, you can catch up here –>  How I Transformed A Social Media Campaign With a Simple Photo App.


What a colorful summer we are having…

Picking flowers.

Picking flowers.


My feet.

More purple.



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18 responses to “Over the Moon About This Book, This App & a Bit of Color”

  1. Debra says:

    Love starting my day with the moon

  2. lorie says:

    I soooo love the feet photos ,waterlogged looks very cool,,you are such an inspiration to so many ,xxxoooYou my friend are so very colorful,vibrant xxoo

  3. Barbara Marks says:

    So beautiful! I agree, great way to start the day with your blog and seeing what you are over the moon about…..very inspiring.

  4. Mara McEwin says:

    You inspire me every day. Can’t wait to start using the Percolator app. And I absolutely love these photos. Thank you Nancy!

  5. Leigh Harman says:

    Just put a hold on several of Alexandra’s books. Can’t wait to read them! Thank you for telling us about them.

  6. Jacqueline Boone says:

    Love those apps–thanks for sharing, Nancy! And beautiful photos as always. Always love the colors and brightness in your photos. Keep up the awesomeness! 😉

  7. I am intrigued by the apps, but more by what you do with them Moon. That and your natural curiosity to learn. I love that about you. xo S

    • Nancy Moon says:

      Thank you, @suzibanksbaum:disqus, for noticing my curiosity. Doing my best to channel it all, blogging seems to be good for my PR business!

  8. Colleen Bushby says:

    Thanks for the reminder about Alexandra’s books, Nancy…I have a few and love them!
    I am so inspired by your beautiful photographs and how you are transforming them into even more beautiful art with apps.

  9. Nicole' Eaddy says:

    Love your posts and the summer pics Nancy! Love your creativity. xo