Over the Moon About: This Photo App, a Fun Excursion, and a Rainbow

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More from my Over the Moon About Series–here are a few things that caught my eye in the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Wild and Zany App: Tiny Planet

Tiny Planet App.

I took this from the Mandarin Oriental, Columbus Circle, NYC.

I use quite a few apps in my public relations business: time management apps, social media apps, photography apps. Some of my favorites are listed at the bottom of this post.  Sometimes you just have to have fun and try out others, like this unique Tiny Planet app for iPhone….. and android. The image above was taken looking at Central Park South….and it certainly shows off New York City well.


June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month

Polka Dot fish. New England Aquarium.

Polka Dot fish. New England Aquarium.

Each June, zoos and aquariums around the county celebrate National Zoo and Aquarium Month. Yes, it’s true — this is an opportunity to celebrate conservation, wildlife, research, and education. What a blast our family had taking pictures in Boston’s New England Aquarium. So, grab your family and friends and visit your local zoo or aquarium. PS. The most visited zoos in the US are the San Diego Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, St. Louis Zoo, with the Bronx Zoo being #8 on the list.

Pink fish in motion. New England Aquarium.

Pink fish in motion. New England Aquarium.


A Simple Rainbow

Rainbow on our Beach Road, Fairfield CT.

Rainbow on our Beach Road, Fairfield CT.

And I’m always over the moon about rainbows. This double rainbow was directly across the street from our home. I was happy to return from work in time for this display. I’ve seen quite a few rainbows on Instagram lately, more than ever before.


Here Are Some of My favorite Go-to iPhone Apps:


Flickr: Photo management and sharing app. You can even post an image on Instagram and share to Flickr.

FrameMagic: Build awesome photo and video collages.

Evernote: My favorite organization app, store all of your ideas right here. Perfect for my upcoming trip to Africa.

Waterlogue: This photo app is still one of my favorites. Read more in a recent blog post I wrote. With examples!

Flipboard: It’s like reading a digital magazine, great news reader for all the publications and blogs you follow.

Genius Scan: Do you ever need to scan on the go? I can create wonderful full-size pdf files with Genius Scan.

Which apps do you use regularly?


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24 responses to “Over the Moon About: This Photo App, a Fun Excursion, and a Rainbow”

  1. Ronnie - The Dating Coach says:

    Hi Nancy – what an amazing shot of the Fairfield Beach rainbow. Boy were you at the right place at the right time. Thanks for all the great apps!

  2. Elisa Smith says:

    Good Morning, That photo of NYC is magical .. I cant wait to use the tiny planet app this summer with the kids and try the other apps you like. I am so grateful for your blog:)

  3. The moon must be coming to full, because this post is chockful of beauty! I am taking notes on your apps….I have a hunch that Evernote would be helpful to me. I am a file maker….my files have files and maybe there is a better way? I like Tiny Planet too, but haven’t gotten to a facility with it yet as you have. I really like Over- the type selections are fun and it is very flexible. I was just thinking about a “nap app”…when I remembered that my favorite timer app for my writing groups is the i-Qi timer- it is beautifully created and the sounds are quite unique. Great photos of the fish! xo S

  4. lorie says:

    Suzi said the MOON is full ,yes and you Nancy MOON are full of creativity and imagination ,your photos come to life,they are friggen incredible,amazing talent ,you have an incredible eye !!!

  5. Karen Nedler Quinn says:

    Wow! Thank you for all these app recommendations. I can’t wait to try them. Your pictures are just wonderful. I just love the double rainbow.

    • Nancy Moon says:

      @karennedlerquinn:disqus Thank you so much, the rainbow was the first double I had seen. Enjoy the apps, tell me what you think.

  6. Linda Eckstein says:

    Thanks, Moon! I’m a huge fan of Genius Scan, but I can’t wait to try the rest. Your Waterlogue examples are out of control!

    • Nancy Moon says:

      Hi @lindaeckstein:disqus appreciate you reading, and I am a huge fan of genius scan. On the fly these apps can be so helpful. And then of course I had to throw in purely fun ones. Waterlogue is amazing. 🙂

  7. Garsha says:

    Amazingly creative, beautiful, magical captivating photography

  8. laura says:

    Wow!!! You always share such amazing pictures. What a cool app -tiny planet! Thanks for sharing your magic :)) It sends me Over The Moon with Delight!!

  9. Susan Baker says:

    Africa! Who can imagine how spectacular those photos are going to be! Thank you for inserting so much beauty into my day.

    • Nancy Moon says:

      @disqus_bNm83Awgen:disqus found out that while I’m in Africa in Sept, NO reception to blog. What will I do….wait until I return. 🙂

  10. Elizabeth A Moore says:

    The photo of the beach, water and rainbow is amazing. What a nice shot!

  11. Raffie says:

    Awesome Nancy!!! Love these ‘Over the Moon’ posts. Great pics as always. Can’t wait to celebrate fathers day this weekend with you and dad!

  12. Flawless Foundation says:

    I love love love your blogs always all ways – love you xoxo