Over the Moon about Naturalist James Prosek, a Macro Lens & Blueberries

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More from my Over the Moon About Series — here are a few things that caught my eye recently. Enjoy!


James Prosek, artist and naturalist, in the news


I love spearheading public relations and marketing campaigns for non-profits, especially those in the conservation space. We live near the woods for one, and I’m absolutely behind any group that helps preserve and conserve what land we have left. Aspetuck Land Trust is one of my absolute favorite groups. They are located in Connecticut and maintain 45 trailed nature preserves.

I have been admiring the glossy from Moffly Media, Fairfield Living, in Connecticut for some time. It is a high profile regional magazine marketing-types want to get their projects profiled in. I invited the super creative editor, Diane Sembrot, for a hike a bit ago. I’ve kept in touch with her ever since. I recently pitched a story about the land trust and voilà, we conjured an amazing piece which would allow readers to see the Land Trust (and in particular Trout Brook Valley) through the eyes of a land trust member and famous local artist, writer, and naturalist, James Prosek. The rest is history, six pages in a lovely glossy magazine.

The journalist took a hike with James and David Brant, Executive Director with the Aspetuck Land Trust. Readers learn about James and his amazing art work, books and mission, plus they read the many offerings — and mission — of ALT. {Article written by Tim Dumas, the photographs by Brian Samuels, illustrations by James Prosek. On stands throughout August.}


Trout Brook Valley would have been a golf course if folks hadn’t saved it in 1999…the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company agreed to sell Trout Brook to a company specializing in developing golf courses…the tide turned when {local} Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward joined in, donating $500,000 toward the $5.3 million needed to save Trout Brook Valley.


James Prosek.

James Prosek in the news. Aspetuck Land Trust is woven through the story, James played in the preserves as a young boy.


Aspetuck Land Trust

Aspetuck Land Trust, in a nutshell.


James Prosek.

James Prosek, the artistic expression is impressive.

Note: My very first blog post at the end of 2013 was about author Bill McKibben, the environmentalist who writes extensively on the impact of climate change. We had him speak at an Aspetuck Land Trust event. Take a look here.


You might like this Olloclip for your iPhone


Do you wonder how your friends are creating macro images with their iPhone? They might use a macro lens with their phone. Olloclip is a 4-in-1 lens that quickly connects to your iPhone or iPad. Imagine a fisheye, wide-angle, 10x or 15x lens to enhance your images. This teeny items fits into your pocket, check it out here.

Pink with a macro.

Pink with a macro. Taken with the Olloclip.


Green leaf.

Green leaf. Taken with the Olloclip. 


Daisy with macro lens.

Daisy. Taken with the Olloclip. 


Pink. Macro.

Pink Flower. Taken with the Olloclip. 



Picking blueberries


Blueberries by Nancy Moon.

Blueberries in Connecticut.


Blueberries by Nancy Moon.

This is one happy child.


Hiker by Nancy Moon.

A very detail oriented blueberry picker, taking notes about the taste of each color and size blueberry. Too much!


Our little blueberry focus group.

Hiker is our very own blueberry focus group. He writes, “pink…chewing fine…super sour…dusty makes it taste better…very sweet…big vs. small…super sour…” Is he the best, or what???



Blueberries. I’m wild for colanders of all colors.


Blueberries by Nancy Moon.


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