Bill McKibben: On Living with Purpose, Passion, & Intention

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If you’re like me, when you find someone living their purpose with passion and intention, being in their presence makes your step a little lighter, your smile a little brighter, and your desire to do good in the world strengthened.

That is how it was for me when I had the privilege of spending time with internationally renowned author and climate change expert Bill McKibben. Recently he spoke to members of The Aspetuck Land Trust to kick off its inaugural Haskins Lecture Series.

I signed up for the newsletter at, the organization Bill founded to promote global activism and awareness around climate change. Here you can learn more about Bill’s work, or find out how to preserve the health and well-being of our planet.

The bees. So much in our diet is affected by the regular movements and activities of bees; yet, their numbers have been rapidly decreasing. The Dance of the Honey Bee, a short film which Bill McKibben narrates, is on Bill Moyers’ website. A recent Time Magazine cover story also reported on the consequences of the diminishing bee population and is worth a look.

Thankfully it’s not all doom and gloom — as seen in The New York Times, some enterprising folks have come up with a delightfully clever use of otherwise dormant outdoor space in cities from New York to London where, above corporate life, bees flourish and pollinate local flora. Here in Connecticut, while serving on the Aspetuck Land Trust’s board, we have initiated successful community partnerships, including our relationship with the local Backyard Beekeepers.

If bees are not your cup of honey but you want to take action, check out what The UN Foundation has in store this year and don’t miss the Social Good conference that happens every fall. 2013’s Social Good Conference included speakers such as Richard Branson, Al Gore, Maggie Fox, Melinda Gates, and more.

Thank you Bill McKibben for the inspiration for this post. When one community changes for the better, others follow. {Images thanks to Amanda Desmond Photography, Time Magazine cover by Hannah Whitaker}. Thanks for reading.

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