When Simple Expands Your World

Slowing Down, Featured

What a messy, scary time we are living in! Too many have lost their livelihoods. Many have lost a family member. Some of my friends are creating lists of silver linings, while others are focused solely on their list of losses. So wherever you find yourself, I hope there is a wee bit of something ok-good you can feel after these two months looking inward into your world. 

There has been much pain out there, some deep pain, and everyone has a very different threshold. There are some good moments for me, some very simple things that I now feel in a BIG way. I’m simplifying, photographing moments differently, cooking more (finally), zooming with my tribe, and face-timing with my mother.

As we head into June, keeping our distance from others, I’m happy to take some comfort knowing I won’t be without my list of things to accomplish. I look forward to reaching out to other folks in my attempt at making a difference in a small way. A simple act of shopping for a neighbor who is at risk of Covid suddenly has so much more importance and meaning than I could have ever imagined. I think one of the most disorienting aspects of this pandemic is that the most ordinary acts no longer seem ordinary.

Here is a list of what I am still doing in quarantine, and you might find pleasure in some of them as well:

  1. I listened to Well: The New York Times conversations Mondays 1-1:45 pm ET. The New Normal and all others are here.
  2. Steve taught me how to drone; then I crashed his on the beach; this is the new MavicAir2 drone that arrived today. Look what it can do!
  3. I watched less news programming (except Gov Cuomo each day) and managed to watch plenty of smart shows on PBS and Netflix. Check out the Rise Up New York fundraising musical show. These are the best vignettes for you.
  4. I learned all about zoom, and even TikTok, and made zoom backdrops.
  5. Check out #stayHomeWithLeica’s “New York Lock Down — A Visual Diary with photographer Peter Turnley”. Also, Ami Vitale of National Geographic fame spoke a lot about Rhinos and winning a spot on her safari and then the business of photography.
  6. Cooking might be fun! Here is an easy, 5 minute gluten free paleo almond bread which I gifted to others. You can make your own loaf with this recipe. I also bottled up my bee’s honey and included it with the gift.
  7. I bought handmade masks from beekeepers via etsy because I naturally migrated towards the bee motif.
  8. There are so many webinar classes and virtual workshops that are available.
  9. We can support our local farmers and beekeepers. 🐝 🌿
  10. What have YOU been up to??

Aspetuck Land Trust
Penfield Beach, Fairfield
Some library books I read the first few weeks
Salt Marsh, Connecticut
Staying inside during a rain storm
From St. Mary’s by the Sea
My beehives, third year, photo credit is Rafael
Stonebridge Preserve, Weston, in the rain
The sky was full of pink
Steve let me fly his drone, and then it crashed. I need another lesson for sure.
Stratford Point Lighthouse, Est. 1822
I did a bit of gardening

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