Slowing Down, Featured

this & that

Fortunately, I have created my life in such a way that creativity fits in so nicely. Having said that, it’s time for another one of my This & That blog posts, highlighting random happenings and things that catch my eye: places to go, films to see, creative things to try and make, or something to ponder. This week it’s focusing on gifting, that special February holiday coming up, and getting outside no matter the weather.

oh how I love film

Instead of being glued to the TV during these tempestuous times, I pick up one of my cameras each and every day. I walk each morning on the beach and shoot for 30 minutes. I also take it when I’m going to my PR job and when I’m with Steve on the weekend. I am delighted with a new film camera in my arsenal that I was just gifted: the Canon AE-1.

My friend Joanne Tombrakos wrote me not long ago saying she was downsizing from her long-time NYC apartment. She thought I would like to have her 1980s film camera. It had been something I was thinking about, getting a small camera like this…and soon I had one in my hands. I just had the roll of film developed, and as you can see after 37 years, this Canon AE-1 is going strong. I am so thankful, Joanne!

Film instead of digital, helps me savor the moment and slow down. The reason I love this film camera is you have to study what you’re shooting. The stakes are higher. There is such anticipation while the film gets developed. It’s about savoring, surprise and surveying your world in an almost counter-cultural way, since everything moves so fast and iPhone photography is so forgiving.

From my Canon AE-1!
I captured Steve on his new Indian motorcycle.

the polaroid

I love having my instant camera, the Polaroid SX-70. This was my original instant camera from 1972. I always have film in my refrigerator.

And I love the super simple fuji instax too. I take this on overseas trips. When I went to Havana to shoot I carried one of these and gifted photos to the children there.

love bites

Yes, it’s that time of year again.

Hello my love, from me to you.
The most gorgeous arrangement I have ever made.
Writing in the sand, meet Karen.

the gulls

I looked up and there she was, fortunate to capture this gull in motion.
Sasco Beach, Southport.
Riding the breeze.

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