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The theme in my life right now and the things I’m drawn to is all about intention-setting. What do you want to be? How are you showing up in the world? What are you paying attention to?

I’m enjoying this season a lot; not because of the excess. I’m enjoying it because of the pruning. I have cut back on unnecessary spending, running around, time-wasting-activities. The fabulous gatherings with good friends and family are still are on top of the list. I’m loving the lights of the city and the country holiday fairs, farmers markets with healthy offerings and I’m reading a lot.

A few things that caught my eye this week:

1. Charlie Mackesy is a remarkable artist, we are all in awe. His book is magical. His instagram feed is a must. ‘A wonderful work of art and a wonderful window into the human heart.’ (thank you Lisa Cueman)

2. Have you ever heard the music that ice makes?

3. Greta Thunberg is everywhere and this behind-the-scenes photo shoot is wonderful, good for her.

TIME’s Person of the year.

The Splendor of the Season, In Images

Grand Central Terminal this week.
A little girl in red, New Canaan.
Naturally, the Terrain store, one of my local favorites.
A cluster of a few 2019 ornaments, with the oldie but goodie clay ornaments.
Our tree set in the corner this year.
And our tree in blur, because I love the bokeh.
We placed it on the window sill, see it each time I make dinner.
Gazing at the red berries.
Paul and Tessa’s tree.
Steve placing the ornaments on the tree.
Love the red ornaments hanging in bunches like this.
Outdoor wreath on a barn.
I took this photo at someone’s lovely home a few years ago. I wanted to replicate it for my office.
Earthy brown wreath … when green gets a bit overwhelming.
My mother’s tree is so soothing .. seeing ornaments from when we were children.
Rockefeller Plaza Tree circa 2018, I was just there tonight and it looks quite similar, my memory card is still in the camera. 🙂
My New Moon Honey, seen on my blog site.

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