Capturing Moments in Movement

Slowing Down, Featured

Recently I made a point to meander with purpose. I walked through the streets of New York City, attended a wedding in Massachusetts, experienced the New England countryside and tended to my bees. I wanted to create seven tiny films all in a row, taking time to interview and listen to people I encountered. I had a blast doing this. I’m inspired by creating personal projects of all kinds and sizes, on both my iPhone and camera. It’s one thing to walk aimlessly with a camera and iPhone. It’s another to meander while paying attention to all these details you will see below.

I’m delighted that I made it through all seven with a smile on my face and I’m always looking for opportunities to film more and more.

These were shot in portrait mode, for social media and I hope you enjoy them. Five are below and the Stef’s wedding and our home on the beach by drone are at my instagram account.


country living


new york city

floral beauty

Thanks go to Stef & Matthew for holding this gorgeous wedding on the coast of Massachusetts; my beekeeping buddies Julie and Melissa; Steve and his drone expertise; plus the beauty of Terrain in Connecticut.

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