Baking With Local Bounty and Honoring My Bees

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The minute Labor Day ended I was on a ferry home from the Hamptons. I did a fast turn around with a change of my mindset as well as clothing and headed for the woods near my house to pick apples, blueberries and visit my bees. Silverman’s Farm in Easton is a local favorite where I picked apples and peaches with my friend Nancy. I couldn’t imagine another place I’d rather be than high up in the hills where one can celebrate the end of summer vacation and smell the fresh air. We picked blueberries at Aspetuck Land Trust in Connecticut. Members of the land trust can pick a small amount of blueberries after they take a hike to this magical orchard. The bees are my own.

Two blueberry pies were delicious; you can see them below as well as me in my favorite apron from Terrain store in Westport. I have a few more pies to make for the family, which is why you see an empty pie dish in the series of apple photographs below. It’s on the table as a reminder. A few years ago I made a slew of pies when Joanne Tombrakos recommended this recipe for the best-pie-ever. You can see that recipe here.

My bees will soon be hibernating for the winter. I have all the New Moon Honey I will get this year. And next year I will welcome a third hive. You can see them in action below.

the apples

Me, taken by my friend Nancy Doniger at Silverman’s.
Mr. Silverman showed us his sunflower field, it’s said it’s easy to create a garden of sunflowers, I’m not so sure.
This is the pie I have yet to make, macintosh, galas, and ginger. They say the best pies have a variety of apples.

the blueberries

Nothing fancy for me, just old yogurt containers for collecting the blueberries!

the bees

Melissa helping out with my bees, thank you Melissa!!

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