The Honeybee Gets a Public Relations Boost

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I’m a second year beekeeper. I have fallen in love with the honeybee. I put my face up to them as close as I possibly can. For two years I have attended classes, weekend workshops, lectures on pollinators. My beekeeping coach helps with complicated matters. I socialize with beekeepers, as luck would have it. My beekeeping club has 100 or more attendees each month. I keep busy in my spare time with honey tastings, keeping up with trends, and reading books. I follow the influencers on instagram who actually answer my questions about varoaa mites and the best ways to banish them or the best products to buy. I spread the word about what native plants to buy and why we should consider having bees. You could say that I’m the self-proclaimed head of public relations for the honeybee. I take this hobby as seriously as I take my campaigns, well, sort of.

So many opportunities for raising bees are probably right in your backyard — easily within your reach if you so desire. You can be a beekeeper on farms, in your small yard, the suburbs and even on city rooftops. Good luck!

We are just getting started this year. Wish me luck.
I look down every chance I get.
Steve set me up in the garage with a quick way to paint the hive.
I received 10,000 bees for each hive, the queen is housed in this box while traveling, until I release her. Don’t worry she had her ladies in waiting attending to her on the trip.
Practicing with my macro lens, believe me… not so easy when I have so much to do.
In the storm. Before the bees arrived from Georgia.
This year the Queen has a green dot for easy spotting. Look at the attention she gets.
This color combo gets me.
All of us have different rubber boots. After a rain at the bee yard.
These gloves are getting a lot of use.
Pulled out my Leica macro lens when I saw how happy and docile they were this day.
One day soon these will get to be 6 boxes high. Periwinkle and seafoam.

Sneak peek of my new labels for my “New Moon Honey“. River Design in Danbury, CT did a gorgeous job. I’ll show you when all complete.

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Thanks to the Backyard Beekeepers club for all of their support and great workshops, Rafaell Frrokaj for being a bee genius, Melissa who so kindly is allowing me to have my bees on her gorgeous property. Living on the beach road as we do has challenges for bees. Thanks to Melissa for keeping a watchful eye over them. It takes a village. BeeCommerce in Newtown, CT for supplying me with everything I need to make my bees happy.