Bodypainting and a Bridge to Human Connection

New York City

 end of summer

Summer in the city–yikes–it’s almost over! Not that I’m counting the days left or anything. I am a person who attempts to take just one day at a time, not live in the past or the future. But this summer seemed to fly by. My summer was excellent, though. New York City is always one of my favorite spots to trek to. Below, I share a few of those excursions.

First, I wanted to include this short short film I made in New York City a few years back. This is still my experience each time I enter Grand Central Terminal and walk the streets of the city. Take a look.

This week, I’m off to the Hampton Classic Horse Show to work (love) and to Greece for part photography workshop and part vacation with my husband. I’ll be back soon.


brooklyn bridge walk

A talented instagram friend, Carina Okula, visited me from France. No better activity for us than to walk around Brooklyn, make photographs and get to know each other. We ended the evening with a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Have you ever met someone that you met on social media in person? I do it as much as I can.







bodypainting, wow

I had always wanted to go to a body painting event. I applied to the Human Connection Arts event to be one of their photographers and was accepted. It was a mesmerizing experience with 50 artists and 60 models right in the heart of New York City, in Washington Square Park. And I was in the mix taking photographs of this beautiful performance art. The day ended with all gathered singing Imagine and This Land is Your Land. The highlight for me was having the NYC police escort the painted models through Greenwich Village. If you want to read more about this and donate, go here.

HCA’s mission: Human Connection Arts’ mission is to share who we are as human beings to cultivate a community, accepting of ourselves and each other. Our focus is to support free expression, body acceptance, and positive interactions. Through interactive public art events we inspire human connection around the world.



And the sprinklers would not stop … but the flow of water on the group photo was beautiful.





Me, by Penny Hornwood.



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