Hope Your Holiday Is Full of Lights, Glimmer, & Love

Slowing Down


a month of lights, glimmer and love

One of the greatest gifts in life is giving time and giving love. It helps me to stay grateful and happy. – Claire Holt

Even though we are often taken by the spectacle of the holiday season, I hope your time with your family is full of meaningful and memorable moments. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Shine on


The beauty of Grand Central Terminal during the holidays


The Daily News Building on East 42nd Street New York City


Favorite frames :: My mother’s Christmas tree on upper left, she took photo of her decorated cookies, an ornament made for Raffie, a skateboarder in the family.


The simplicity of a non-classic Christmas tree


I made this wreath for my mother


Ye Yacht Yard in Connecticut


There are never too many ornaments


New York City 42nd Street, Grand Central Terminal


All of these photographs are taken by me. I used my trusty iPhone 7 and Canon 5DMark3.

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