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I pay close attention to my surroundings. I’m outside more now than ever: hiking, photographing people and still life, looking at the light, taking workshops, learning more about conservation and meeting creatives along the way. I love these artisans below, the dahlia gardeners and the photographer Tom Bianchi.

My This & That series continues to highlight random happenings and things that catch my eye: places to go, books to read, or something to ponder.


fancy dahlias bloomed in october

In Greenwich, Connecticut, on Sunday, the 10th Annual Dazzling Dahlia Show did not disappoint. There were hundreds of varieties of dahlias that were for sale to the public for as little as $1 and as much as $20 for a huge bouquet. The precision that goes into growing these flowers, the attention to detail, and that people came from all over the country to view the show is a testament to the allure of artistry and craft.

Pink Dahlia with Yellow Center

Dahlias from the Dazzling Dahlia Show


Red and White Striped Dahlia


A field of multi-colored dahlias.


Holding a purple dahlia at the Dazzling Dahlia Show


Three Pink Dahlias


Portrait of a white and pink dahlia


Red and Yellow Dahlias in Bloom


Deep Purple and Yellow Dahlias Look Like Pinwheels


Three Pink Dahlias in Front of A Dahlia Painting


these polaroids

I love shooting with my Polaroid cameras, I have two Polaroid SX-70s (circa 1972), a Polaroid 250 with Carl Zeiss viewfinder, a Polaroid model 210 … plus two Fuji Instax models. On Sunday, October 15 for six days, those passionate about instant film are compiling their favorite photographs for Polaroid Week 2017. Visit the Flickr community and 2016 submissions. You can particpate with any instant camera. If you have a camera in your attic, now is the time to grab some film and shoot.

These are a few from last year. This year who knows what I will capture.

Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo Polaroid


Laundromat in Astoria, Queens - Polaroid


Polaroid SX-70 1972 Camera Purchased from a Photography Shop


tom bianchi’s polaroids

Tom Bianchi just had a showing of his series “Fire Island Pines” at the lovely Throckmorton Fine Art in New York City. I’m in awe of his photographs that were taken in the 70s and 80s. I feel like I’m looking at a Fire Island community frozen in time. Tom was trusted to capture the world of the gay men in New York, as many as 10,000 convening on this 36 mile stretch of beach off the Long Island coast. The polaroids, taken with an SX-70 like I use, were enlarged for the show. My friend Penny, always with her finger on the pulse of city, took me to the show knowing I loved instant film.

Tom Bianchi Polaroid Show

Tom Bianchi Untitled #250


Tom Bianchi Vintage Polaroids from Fire Island

The polaroids are actually this size, then blown up.


Penny Hornwood Covers Tom Bianchi Vintage Polaroid of Man In Towel With Her Hand

Penny covering up Tom Bianchi Untitled #259


Out of the Studio and Fire Island Pines by Tom Bianchi

Tom Bianchi’s book


All photographs are taken by me, unless I have noted otherwise in the caption. I used my Canon 5D III for this post. Thank you to Throckmorton Fine Art in New York City.

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