Amish County

A Visit to Amish Country: Back to Balance


Amish people & land

We ventured to Amish Country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a few weeks ago. The trip was mostly business, a bit of pleasure and loads of awe. I embarked on this four day trip with my husband Steve. We found wonderful, kind people and loads of photographic opportunities.

The Amish are a traditionalist Christian religious group known for simple living, plain dress, and their reluctance to adopt technology or many modern conveniences we all take for granted. It was a pleasure to have four days of a slower pace, straightforward dining and simple lodging.

Between Marie Kondo’s The Fine Art of Tidying Up, the tiny house craze evidenced by multiple shows on HGTV (Tiny House Nation, Tiny House, Big Living, Great American Tiny House Show), and people trading in first or second homes for Airstreams, it seems mainstream America is also interested in getting back to the basics. Meanwhile, recently the New York Times wrote In Amish Country, the Future is Calling, on how “some members of the famously tech shunning sect have begun incorporating cellphones and computers into their lives.” Perhaps as we move toward the simple and the Amish begin to dabble in technology, we can learn from each other to find the balance in both.

How about these flags? Glorious.


Two boys dealing with a stalled buggy.


I just had to take this. Orange against the corn fields.


Hopped on a train, seeing the countryside this way is fantastic.


An Amish farmer.


The old-fashioned, and the new.


A Lancaster home.


Train #90.


An Amish farmer.


A simple farm off in the distance.


Flags, a farm and a person waving to the train.


A happy conductor.


On the train with Steve Gordon.

Amish motel with rooms in train cars — what?

I wondered what I was seeing in the distance, pretty colored historic trains cars. Turns out it was the Red Caboose Motel, coolest (simple) motel in Ronks, PA. Casey Jones restaurant was equally as sweet and simple. Did I say simple?







All photographs are taken by me, unless I have noted otherwise in the caption. I use my Canon 5D III and iPhone 7. If you want to use my photographs, email me. Always credit ©NancyMoon. Thanks!

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