Summer is Up, Up, and Away


I ended the summer on two high notes: a hot air balloon festival in Connecticut and the Hampton Classic Horse Show, which I’ve been working annually for years and years.

these balloons

Last weekend the Plainville Hot Air Balloon Festival really inspired me. Between forty and fifty local Northeast ballooners get up in the wee hours of the morning to bring us this gorgeous spectacle of balloons beautifying the late summer sky. I arrived with my friend Pamela Miles at 5:30am to watch these teams blow up hot air balloons, hoist them in the air, and pilot hundreds of passengers to safety. I’ve been staying local this summer to enjoy what is in my own Tri-state area so, I was able to make the 3:00am trek two hours to Plainville, Connecticut and still arrive home by 9am before my houseguests were moving about. In an earlier post, Find Small Joys, I listed worldwide balloon events.

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Green hot air balloon

Plainville, Connecticut Hot Air Balloon Festival



Hot Air Balloon and People


Three Hot Air Balloons




Aerostar basket in a hot air balloon



this camera and these horses

And this is how the summer ends. The Hampton Classic Horse Show. In ‘instant’, using the Instax Fuji camera for just $70.

The Hampton Classic Horse Show using my Fujifilm instant camera


A mom, a daughter and a pony


Beautiful Hampton’s flowers and the Classic program

All photographs are taken by me, unless I have noted otherwise in the caption. I used my Canon 5D III and iPhone 7.

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