A day at the Union Square Greenmarket ©NancyMoon

NYC Always Changes, But the Greenmarket Remains the Same

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I had a moment to spare in New York City today. I dashed down to the Union Square Greenmarket on 14th Street, a neighborhood I know very well. My Moon PR office was right on 17th Street in the Union Square neighborhood for 20 years. I used to walk out the front door of my office and voila, the greenmarket was right at my fingertips. So a quick dash around and I had dinner for the night. Yum.

New York City is always changing: old businesses close, new businesses move in, old buildings get torn down and new buildings take their place. Yet the farmer’s market remains the same. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the vendors come out in full force bringing their bounty from the Hudson Valley and Long Island. The vendor with the four-foot tall pile of radishes and carrots that you see in the picture below, has been at the Union Square Greenmarket for as long as I can remember. I just love that.






























All the market photographs are taken by me, using my Canon 5D III and with my 35mm lens.

Many of my photographs are for sale on my online store, check it out.

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9 responses to “NYC Always Changes, But the Greenmarket Remains the Same”

  1. PBSisabargain says:

    Love our farmers’ market this time of year! Went there Saturday to buy a few things and take in the atmosphere. Always some musicians, and even some plein air painters. Also, the best crab cakes for sale that are so simple to broil. Love the images!

    • Nancy Moon says:

      Hi there! I’ve been seeing some of your photos from your town, all so festive. I can’t get enough of this color and deliciousness. As you can see. Thanks for reading. xxx

  2. Oh Moon! Thank you for the visit to the Market. I worked there for five years in the late 80s, early 90s. It was a wonderful way for me to keep a hand on real growing things while living in Manhattan. It is exciting to see the market expand and the city fill with markets to reach all neighborhoods. Wonderful captures, as always! xoS

    • Nancy Moon says:

      Suzi, I’m sure I walked right by you, that was the time I had my office. What yummy item did you sell? I have so much to talk with you about regarding photography and travel. Thanks for reading and commenting as usual. xxx

  3. Nancy says:

    For all the Nancy-admirers out there — let me tell you Mooner’s process: You’re walking along having a lovely conversation about each other’s lives, really digging into the details of your latest life-lesson. And at the end of that walk, Moon will show you the pictures she took along the way, and they’re stunning, like these.
    “How did you do that?”
    “I didn’t see that!”
    Moon, you see — and capture — beauty, EVERYWHERE. <3 <3 <3

  4. karlovy says:

    Great pics Nancy! You got me thinking stir fry.

  5. Mara McEwin says:

    I love this post. I am a die hard grownyc supporter, and love NYC for our greenmarkets. 14th Street is the motherlode of farmer’s markets. Your photos are gorgeous, and represent the love & energy. Beautiful.