Over The Moon About Blue Ribbons, Springtime and Gifting

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these horsesI spent time with these horses this past weekend in Westchester County. It’s the season for horse shows in the Northeast and elsewhere, so try to get out in the fresh air and see these gorgeous animals. I couldn’t resist rooting for those three – five year old riders, likely in their first show. How adorable are they? Each one received a blue ribbon.  For the adult riders, well it’s not as easy as that.

For those of you in the area of South Salem, NY, the horse show is still on through Sunday, May 22.


Old Salem Farm ring by Nancy Moon-2434


Leadline Old Salem Farm by Nancy Moon-2694


Leadline profile Old Salem Farm by Nancy Moon-2696


Pigtails Old Salem Farm by Nancy Moon-2446


Winning a blue ribbon Old Salem Farm by Nancy Moon-2707


Leadline Old Salem Farm by Nancy Moon-2740


Jumper Old Salem Farm by Nancy Moon-2546


Jumper at Old Salem Farm by Nancy Moon-2387


Dachshund Old Salem Farm by Nancy Moon-2577


this pink


At last, when I look up all I see is pink. The Northeast has been so cold and in Connecticut our trees have stayed bare for a very long time. Now I’m pleased that everyone’s cameras are coming out to capture all the color.




this gift idea

This dahlia photograph is mine and it’s being shipped to a nice person who bought it for their wall. I’m making my photography available to more people’s homes and offices. My photography store is live!

I have immersed myself in photography for years alongside my full-time public relations work. I shoot for clients and for my own pleasure. My portfolio is here, and inside you will find some photographs suitable to hang in your home, office, or client’s space. I hope something speaks to you. I’d be happy to make a print for you if it does.

Keep checking back because additional photographs will be added.







All photographs are taken by me, using my Canon 5D III and at times the Canon 7D.

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4 responses to “Over The Moon About Blue Ribbons, Springtime and Gifting”

  1. Janet Chin-See says:

    It’s great way how you capture the beauty and strength of these animals as well as the scenery around them . Very talented little girls. Love your pictures as usual.

  2. Nancy says:

    Your horse show photos make me want to partake in the majesty of it all. Everything is formal, from the bushes to the horse-manes to the kids’ braids. I can see why you’d be attracted to it, both PR-professionally as well as photographically.
    And your gift ideas! Your photos-of-photos show such TLC going into them.
    Thanks for sharing you —– XO Hogs

  3. PBSisabargain says:

    My fave is the puppy!!!