“Roid” Week Celebrates Vintage-Style Instant Photography

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I gather with thousands of instant photographers online during #roidweek2016, a community that has been around since 2006. We post two photographs a day on Flickr. You can check out all the 2016 submissions here.

Edwin Land founded Polaroid and invented instant cameras in 1948. As a hobby about five years ago, I started shooting with my Polaroid. I just love it.  “Instant photography”, or Polaroid photography, is magical because every photograph is really different from everyone else’s.  As a little girl I had the white Swinger camera and to this day have images taken at my parties, from age 13. I wish I still had that camera!

Here are my recent ‘Roid photographs and a few of my favorites from other years thrown in. I’m using a Polaroid SX70, circa 1972.

If you have an old camera up in your attic or buy one at a flea market, put in a roll of film and see how the vintage version feels to you.

Life Is Good


Brooklyn pier. Telescope with a view of Manhattan. SX-70.


Flag on the Brooklyn Bridge


Flowers In The Light




Astoria Queens Chinese Food Take Out


And, the camera that does it all.




Our fridge with polaroid film ... right next to the butter

Our fridge with polaroid film … right next to the butter


fun comic about polaroid photography

My mother sent me this fun comic about polaroid photography


All photographs are taken by me, unless I have noted otherwise in the caption. I am using my Polaroid SX70.

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