Mural in Chelsea

Exploring Chelsea On Foot: An Afternoon of Art & Architecture

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I found myself at a client’s office in Chelsea (NYC) yesterday and couldn’t help but walk up and down the streets, reminiscing about the 14 years I lived there.  The neighborhood has changed so much; Chelsea is now known as one of the centers of the city’s art world, with over 200 galleries in the neighborhood. If you are a fan of art and / or architecture, take a look. And, come visit.

So here is my day, in-between clouds and some sprinkles and 50 degree temperatures.

flatiron & chelsea

Flatiron Building 23rd Street NYC

Flatiron Building 23rd Street NYC


Mural in Chelsea

An attention getting mural in Chelsea 



Graffiti on 22nd Street


yancey richardson gallery

During my stroll, I visited one of my favorite galleries to see a photographer’s work I admire. I had a chance to watch them prepare the installation. If you are down in this area, visit Olivio Barbieri: Adriatic Sea at the Yancey Richardson Gallery on West 22nd Street. Love the fact he chose to shoot from a helicopter, something I’m doing soon myself. But his colors, and catching the dancing figures in the water, so excellent.

Olivo Barbieri: Adriatic Sea

Olivo Barbieri: Adriatic Sea installation, before being put on the wall


Olivo Barbieri: Adriatic Sea

Olivo Barbieri: Adriatic Sea


Olivo Barbieri: Adriatic Sea

On the floor getting ready to be hung, The “Dancing People” in the Olivo Barbieri: Adriatic Sea exhibition


Olivo Barbieri: Adriatic Sea

Installing Olivo Barbieri: Adriatic Sea




Children walking in Chelsea, NYC

Children walking in Chelsea after school


West 21st Street in Chelsea NYC

My old street in Chelsea


Cupcakes Chelsea

A favorite cupcake shop and biker whizzing by


Good memories from the old Empire Diner

Good memories from the old Empire Diner, I used to go here at 3am


All photographs are taken by me, unless I have noted otherwise in the caption. I use my iPhone 6plus and Canon 5D III.

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12 responses to “Exploring Chelsea On Foot: An Afternoon of Art & Architecture”

  1. Janet Chin-See says:

    Wonderful pictures as usual Nancy. Would like to visit there one day.

  2. Elisa Smith says:

    Nancy, You captured Chelsea in your usual tasteful way with an expert eye.
    The images are wonderful. Perfect way to start my day with a Nancy Moon blog and coffee in hand. xx

  3. David Brant says:

    Love it! Great stroll through Chelsea, Nancy! You have such a good eye!

  4. Nancy says:

    Cool. Love the huge wall-painting of the comfortable-in-his-skin dork. And it was memory lane, since I know a lot of those places through YOU.

    • Nancy Moon says:

      Love the fact you read blog posts religiously. Oh, this artist paints these “giants” all over the world. This one at a public school, 80 feet tall. Makes being a dork cool, right?

  5. Tara Crowley says:

    the large photos look like watercolors. I’m going to look this photographer up, as I’d love to see the progressive of the work over the years. And I got curious about the Chelsea Hotel (of L. Cohen fame). Is it still there? I found 2 but not sure if they are “the” one. Love the photos of this great old neighborhood. Oh cool that you lived there for so long!

  6. Raffie says:

    What a nice neighborhood! You really captured it well 😉 Awesome exhibit too.