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Because I want to prolong the joy of seeing someone moved by my photographs, I’m making my photography available to more people’s homes and offices. So I am delighted to announce this: My photography store is live! Finally! I have a little trepidation about putting my work out there, but I read author Seth Godin’s blog today:

The initiator:  For each person who cares enough to make something, who is bold enough to ship it, who is generous enough to say, “here, I made this,” there are ten people who say, “I could have done it better.” A hundred people who say, “Who are you to do this?” A thousand people who say, “I was just about to do that,” and ten thousand people who don’t care at all. And all of that is okay, because the person we need, the one we cherish, the one we would miss, is the first person, the initiator, the one who cares. Thanks for shipping your work.

Seth Godin

So despite any hesitation, I’m choosing to “ship” my work today. I have immersed myself in photography for years alongside my public relations work. I shoot for clients and for my own pleasure. My portfolio is here, and inside you will find some photographs suitable to hang in your home, office, or client’s space. I hope something speaks to you. I’d be happy to make a print for you if it does.

Keep checking back because additional photographs will be added. Also, if you want to order a print that will reach you by December 25, order by December 6.

And most importantly, tell me what are you initiating? What will you “ship”?



Elephant in Kenya, in black and white ©nancy moon

Elephant in the Masai Mara, Kenya


The Cuba building and the blue car in Havana ©nancy moon

Havana, Cuba


Ballet dancer in Havana, Cuba ©Nancy Moon

ProDanza Ballet Academy, Havana, Cuba


Calla Lilly by ©Nancy Moon

Calla Lilly


The gull flying alone by ©Nancy Moon

A lonesome seagull


Zebra in black and white by ©Nancy Moon

Zebras playing in Kenya, in black and white


A ball dahlia by ©Nancy Moon

Ball dahlia in pink


Three ballet dancers at the bar, ProDanza Ballet Academy in Havana, Cuba by ©Nancy Moon

Three ballet dancers at the bar, ProDanza Ballet Academy in Havana, Cuba


Palm trees ©Nancy Moon

Palm trees galore


A Spain balcony in blue and red by ©Nancy Moon

In Spain


Turquoise and pink in Havana, Cuba by ©Nancy Moon

Turquoise and pink


Brown and white eggs by ©Nancy Moon

Brown and white eggs


Rush hour in Havana, Cuba by ©Nancy Moon

Havana rush hour


Giraffe ©Nancy Moon

Sweet face of the giraffe


Tangiers in green and white by ©Nancy Moon

Simple architecture of Tangiers


Spain at dusk by ©Nancy Moon

Spain at dusk

All photographs are taken by me, using my Canon 5D III and at times the Canon 7D.

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