Going Deeper Into Havana, Cuba’s Local Culture

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I just dashed back home from Havana, Cuba–my second trip there this year. Naturally I made quite a few photographs but wanted to get this post up now with a sampling of some of the zigs and zags. On this trip, I was able to be one of just seven which enabled me to explore deeper into Havana’s local culture. I was in Havana for two reasons: 1. to attend photojournalist Peter Turnley’s Moments of the Human Condition exhibition opening and 2. because I am part of a team raising money for the ProDanza Ballet Academy in Havana. We call ourselves Team ProDanza and there is a lot of exciting news I’ll share with you in the coming months. Last week, we brought them all sorts of dance attire and equipment. It was exhilarating.

I’ll be back in the coming weeks with more Havana posts covering Havana architecture, more on Peter Turnley’s exhibit, Hemingway’s haunts, and the people of Havana. Let me say again, I hope those that want to visit Cuba do so soon. Enjoy!

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Pink car Havana rain-7538

Pink convertible in the rain following a pink convertible in the rain


Havana News-

Can you tell that I do a lot of research before I go anywhere?


Little Cuban boy-6301

The pretty faces in the morning taxi cabs


Boy pink balloon Cuba-8714

Cute Cuban boy with his pink balloon


Colorful Building-8256

Havana color in the neighborhood


ProDanza toe shoe-6643

Ballet dancer at ProDanza, the academy we support with services and donations


Pretty girl Cuba-8175

A chica


Bldg in Havana-6405-2

Old Havana, the laundry is one of my favorite things to photograph


Red Door Cuba-8260

Havana renovations begin, the pretty red door





Market 6191

All smiles in the market in Havana


Cuban flag-9289

All Cuban


ProDanza -6803

Looking through a hole in the door at ProDanza, great vantage point


Vintage car in blur-6323

Vintage car is only a blur in Havana

All photographs are taken by me, unless I have noted otherwise in the caption. I use my iPhone 6plus and Canon 5D III.

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8 responses to “Going Deeper Into Havana, Cuba’s Local Culture”

  1. Hi Nancy! Beautiful shots. I’m happy that I shared this experience with you. I love the ballet photo behind the door hole 😉 You did great. Never forget to find and discover new compositions. A camara is like painting, only you can create and capture what you see for the world, Love you.

  2. Nancy says:

    The pride Cubans have for their culture comes shining through. I hope the country doesn’t lose that… Or the colorful doors or the small shops or the funky cars… When Westerners and Americans can travel freely.
    Welcome home Moon! I hope you write and post more pictures… These are terrific.

  3. Katie Settel says:

    Love your angles!! Too many favorites to comment on. Have to say, the hole in the wall with the dancer, love it. The door, just beautiful and the ballet shoe as well. Can’t wait to see more… and you! Welcome home.

  4. K.Tudor says:

    Wonderful pictures Nancy! Havana is on my “must visit” list!

  5. Tara Crowley says:

    I’m glad you had such a good trip! Your images here are wonderful, and I especially like the dancer’s feet – wow, talk about up close and personal! Looking forward to more.

  6. Karen Nedler Quinn says:

    The colors of Cuba are breathtaking! I cannot wait to see the rest of your images.

  7. Raffie says:

    Amazing shots Nancy! Esp love the Ballet photos and colorful architecture. You’re becoming quite the Cuban tourista 🙂

  8. David Brant says:

    You have such a great eye! Great pics! We loved Cuba when we visited recently. You captured the spirit of the place perfectly, Nancy.