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Here is another installment in my “Over the Moon About” blog series, which highlights a few different things that have caught my eye. I hope you walk away with some new ideas about an exhibit to attend, books to read, or a glimpse into things you can be grateful for….

I have a renewed interest in author Ernest Hemingway lately. It feels like a Hemingway marathon in our home. It may have started when we traveled to Cuba in March and visited the El Floridita, the iconic bar in Havana where Hemingway socialized with friends, writers and celebrities. Everyone was talking about the Hemingway years spent in Havana. Then my friend Kylie gave me a list of books she had read several times about the women in Ernest’s life —  I thought I would start with the women — Hemingway’s Girl by Erika Robuck;  Mrs. Hemingway by Naomi Wood; The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, my favorite about Ernest’s first wife Hadley Richardson.  And then tackled a book I read back in school, The Old Man and the Sea. And let’s not forget the movie I just finished AGAIN, Hemingway and Gellhorn starring Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen. I’m pleasantly exhausted.

So imagine my shock when I ran into the Ernest Hemingway exhibit at the Morgan Library in New York City the other day. Yes, right there with so many artifacts and several letters to his fourth wife Mary Welsh and friends J.D. Salinger and F. Scott Fitzgerald. They say he was a pack rat and I agree. If you find yourself in the New York City area, stop by the Morgan Library before January 31, 2016. “The exhibition explores the most consistently creative phase of Hemingway’s career and includes inscribed copies of his books, a rarely-seen 1929 oil portrait, photographs, and personal items.” Otherwise the exhibit moves to Boston in March 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 10.51.08 PM

Hemingway at Morgan

Alice in Wonderland meets Ernest Hemingway at the Morgan Library in NYC


Hemingway at Morgan

The entrance to the Ernest Hemingway exhibit


Hemingway at the Morgan

Hemingway at the Morgan


Hemingway Books

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I took this photograph in March at the El Floridita, the iconic bar in Havana where Hemingway socialized with friends, writers and celebrities.

Ernest in Havana at the Florida Hotel

Ernest in Havana at the El Floridita


Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 10.50.09 PM

Right after viewing the Ernest Hemingway exhibit I ventured into the 150 years of Wonderland just across the hallway. I didn’t want to miss this exhibit about all things Alice in Wonderland, author Lewis Carroll, the mad tea party and the cheshire cat This was actually the reason why I visited the Morgan Library last week.

“For the first time in three decades, the original manuscript will travel from the British Library in London to New York, where it will be joined by original drawings and letters, rare editions, vintage photographs, and fascinating objects—many never before exhibited.”

You can explore this special exhibition via this app for your phone, right here. The exhibit runs only through October 12 in NYC so you might not catch it.


Alice at the Morgan

Alice, the cheshire cat and the mad tea party all at the Morgan Library



Manuscript of the Alice book


Alice fan

Alice fan


Alice and those dreadful cards

Alice and those dreadful cards


The show comes to an end

The show comes to an end soon


Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.39.36 PM


I have let the world know that during the Fall I will have an online store selling my photographs. I made the announcement on Facebook with a teaser photograph that you see below, it’s my stake in the ground and a big YES —  I love being a photographer in addition to being a PR pro. I couldn’t have accomplished this without the support and love from my family (my husband, Steve!) and friends. I have been lucky to receive a big loving nudge from so many. Monday was that day to announce my launch. Thank you. PS… the link to the store will be shared with you shortly.



And yes, my online photography store will be live shortly.

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16 responses to “Over The Moon About Hemingway, Alice in Wonderland and An Unveiling”

  1. Katie Settel says:

    What a beautiful Blog and suggestion about the exhibits. I love how you have dived in so throughly into the life of Ernest Hemingway. I especially love that you are selling your images, they are too beautiful not to share. Can’t wait to watch your online photography store take off!

  2. Elisa Smith says:

    Thank you for encouraging me to visit the exhibits. It was inspiring. It is exciting to get a glimpse into Hemmingway’s life in Havana. Your photo of the El Floridita in Havana is thrilling to see.
    Congratulations on getting your online photography store launched. I know how hard you have worked on getting it live! So proud to be your friend. X

    • Nancy Moon says:

      The exhibits are a blast to visit, from Stockbridge to NYC with you my friend. We will see more! Thanks for your support @disqus_hfTTC6V8St:disqus xxxx

  3. Emily McKhann says:

    I would love to see the actual manuscript of Alice in Wonderland! I love your photos and the juxtaposition of Ernest Hemingway at the Morgan Library. And I’m SO EXCITED about your online shop opening! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on bringing that to fruition!!!

  4. Nancy says:

    I like the second picture the most… It seems like he’s part of the exhibit, the way you photographed it.
    And like Emily McKhann, I can’t wait for your new launch! What a beautiful presentation. Your friends are here for you… Let us know what we can do to help the launch be the best! Hogs

    • Nancy Moon says:

      Ah, thank you so much for reading the blog post and taking it all in. And really HUGE thanks for offering to help with the launch, I’m going in stages! xxx to you @disqus_Apugg9ZLwB:disqus

  5. Steffie G says:

    Great blog, Nan! It’s true…we love Hemingway’s books, but oh, how we love his women! Thanks to you and Kylie for the recommendations. Your postcards are a big hit with my friends and the elegant thoughtfulness with which they’re wrapped is just like you. So much inspiration. Always. xo, –s

  6. Carole M Gentry says:

    I’ve always been a fan of both Ernest Hemingway and Alice in Wonderland (I own several very old copies of the book from childhood). As a graduate student in American Literature, I studied Hemingway’s works. I first read the “Old Man and the Sea” when I was 11 years old and found in graduate school that the Nick Adams Stories were amongst my favorite works of his.

    Both exhibits look fabulous. Many congrats on your online shop!

    • Nancy Moon says:

      I love everything you say above and am impressed with your knowledge of both Ernest and Alice. 🙂 I have to look into Nick Adams, so thank you for that. I would love to see your Alice books! If you blog now, will you let me know?

  7. Nancy Rosenthal says:

    What’s your favorite Hemingway book?

  8. Nancy Rosenthal says:

    What’s your favorite Hemingway book??

  9. Tara Crowley says:

    Have you been to the Frida Kahlo exhibit? I would especially like to see the NY Botancial Garden piece. Sigh.

    • Nancy Moon says:

      Funny you should say that, I am going next week. Better late than never, it ends on Nov 1. I’ll share some photographs, naturally. Appreciate all of your support, so nice. I enjoy your blog posts —