From Conference to Community: The Social Good Summit

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For the past three years, I have attended the Social Good Summit — a conference looking to eradicate serious social problems in our world.  This week I spent two days in a theatre in New York City listening to some of the biggest thinkers from around the world, leaders from the United Nations, NGO and business leaders, and even actors sharing ideas about how to change the world using digital means. I felt it was different this year for me — more powerful and more connected — perhaps because I’ve become more personally and professionally involved in many of Social Good Summit’s goals: anti-poaching, education, equality, climate change, to name a few.

The Social Good Community has proposed 17 new Sustainable Development Goals to work toward: End extreme poverty, fight inequality, combat illiteracy, and 14 others all by the year 2030. Ponder which ones you might focus on this year.

Social Good Community Proposed

17 New Sustainable Develpment Goals For 2030



My Favorite Quotes From the Summit Paired With My Pictures From Cuba, Africa, Jamaica and My Own Backyard




Victoria Beckham


Ashley Judd


End poaching


Madeleine Albright


Amina J Mohammed




And, Some of my Favorite Tweets from the Two Days….






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10 responses to “From Conference to Community: The Social Good Summit”

  1. Mara McEwin says:

    What a wonderful and powerful conference Nancy Moon. Thank you for this post. Inspiring, to think if we each take a little bit of action each day we can truly make an impact for the good of the world.

    • Nancy Moon says:

      It’s a conference you might like. Filled with children, education panels, right up your alley as a co-founder of Treehouse Shakers. Thanks, @maramcewin:disqus

  2. Raffie says:

    Looks like you gained a lot of knowledge and inspiration from the Summit! Very important developmental goals. Glad that something like this exists and you are there to cover it. Great pics and quotes!!

  3. Nancy says:

    OK, you’ve talked about the Social Good Summit before, but now I REALLY want to go. (!!) Great post, Nancy Moon!

  4. Laura says:

    What a conference! I always love what you have to share … not only the way you capture an event through your pictures but also with your words. xo.

  5. Thank you for taking me there, Moon. I was so sorry to miss this gathering. xoxoS