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Here is another installment in my “Over the Moon About” blog series, which highlights a few different things that have caught my eye. I hope you walk away with some new ideas about a non-profit organization to support, an event to attend, or a cool photo app for your phone.

the triplet ballet dancers

I’m in love with many things Cuba. I visited there in March on a cultural exchange and became familiar with the dance initiatives and their rising stars. Havana’s identical triplet brothers, Angel, Cesar, and Marcos Ramirez Castellano got my attention two years ago when they were thirteen years old and interviewed on BBC.

Thanks to the USA non-profit organization Fundación Amistad, the Castellano brothers were brought to New York City to attend a summer intensive at New York City Ballet’s School of American Ballet (SAB). I was an invited guest and thrilled to pieces to watch them dance and meet them in person.

What an inspiring organization! They are dedicated to promoting cultural diplomacy between peoples of the United States and Cuba. This group has been working with the triplets since the age of three, supporting their artistic evolution. If you are eager to visit Cuba, check out their People-to-People educational trips.



The triplets after their performance in NYC



Of course I wanted to take a selfie, they were great sports



Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 7.17.11 PM

The Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton August 23-30 is my all-time favorite event to work on… and attend. The gorgeous horses, the shopping, the end-of-summer excitement and people-watching….there is something colorful for everyone. Tickets are on sale now for grandstand viewing, prices range from $10 and up depending on what day you attend. See you there!

*There are many opportunities for those who can’t make it to the show grounds, complimentary live webcasts of all Grand Prix ring classes are shown on the Hampton Classic website, www.hamptonclassic.com…on the USEF Network…plus on WVVH www.wvvh.tv.


The Hampton Classic

The Hampton Classic


Hampton Classic

Hampton Classic ~ one of my favorite photos from this special week




Don’t forget these fun phone apps, they are always in my arsenal. I have shared other iPhone apps that I use to enhance my photographs when I place them online. Today I include a few below, you can also see a few more suggestions like Glaze app here and the Percolator app here.

I used the Image Blender app ($2.99) for the iPhone and iPad. The idea is pretty basic but the things you can do with this app are endless. Here is my step-daughter, Stef, as a little girl and as she is today.


One of my favorite apps :: the Blender app.

One of my favorite apps :: the Blender app.



I stumbled upon the “Pocketbooth” phone app again and it has become one of my all time favorites because … don’t we all love photo booths? So we can now have a photo booth that fits in our pocket!  “Pocketbooth” (or Selfie booth) is only $.99 cents and makes four images in a row that you can later have printed out. It came in really handy when we were in Spain’s sunflower fields last month.



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13 responses to “Over the Moon About Cuban Dancers, Horses & These Photo Apps”

  1. Steve Gordon says:

    makes me want to go back to cuba.

  2. Tara Crowley says:

    oh yes, I always want to go back to Cuba! Love your photos of the dancers — new info to me and very heartwarming. Thanks for the recommendations on the iphone apps — I personally love fotoforge2 for basic editing, frame making, etc. I’ll be downloading that ‘Pocketbooth.’ What fun!

  3. Nancy says:

    My favorite is the story of the identical triplets!
    Thanks for this Nancy Moon – love seeing you in your art. XO

  4. Laura says:

    Looove these!! How precious are those precious little equestrians!! And I really enjoyed watching the video. Cool app- pocketbooth!! magical moments you are capturing! Thanks for sharing:)) xo.

  5. PBSisabargain says:

    Love this one Nancy, and the triplets are so cute! I think you should frame the selfie with them!

    • Nancy Moon says:

      Seeing the triplets DANCE certainly made my summer! I’m seeing them again in Cuba November. Support the Arts I always say. Thanks for reading @pbsisabargain:disqus

  6. Hortensia Francisco says:

    Very thankful to the organization for having provided the triplets the opportunity to come to the USA. I’m a bit bias since I am related to the triplets we had the opportunity to meet them for the first time since they were born because we left Cuba in 1969 but have never forgotten or homeland, roots and our family. Thanks again for making this dream come true.

    • Nancy Moon says:

      What a story, I’m happy you commented here. Will you be meeting the triplets at some point? Are you returning to Cuba at all? They were a delight to watch dance. Very talented! Thanks @hortensiafrancisco:disqus

      • Hortensia Francisco says:

        I met the triplets at the Miami Int. Airport when they arrived from Cuba for a short time as they had travel plans to continue to N.Y. and when it was over they spent several days with the family here in Miami and left for Cuba yesterday morning and arrived safely they are in total disbelief of the experience they were provided by the school, and seeing the USA for the first time and meeting extended family whom fled Cuba in 1969 and knew of them through pictures but overjoyed to have seen them in person. We were all praying that their stay could be prolonged into next year but it was not God’s will at this time. We will continue to pray that they have the opportunity to return. Thank you for making their stay such an incredible experience.

  7. Penny Hornwood says:

    Cuba is officially on my
    must go to list
    In INK
    Great blog