Summer in Spain: Granada & Marbella’s Lovely Landscapes

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Granada, a most picturesque and beautiful city, situated in one of the loveliest landscapes that I have ever seen.

Author, Washington Irving

This is the last in my series of ‘Summer in Spain’ blog posts (the other two posts can be seen by clicking links below): I saved my favorite two cities for last: Granada and Marbella.

Granada is located in the Andalusia region in southern Spain. It’s the home of the palace and fortress complex originally constructed in 889, and later converted into a royal palace in 1333. New York author Washington Irving wrote Tales About the Alhambra, inspired after living in the Alhambra Palace. Granada is a mixture of styles, people and cultures, and we loved every bit of it.

Marbella has one of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen. Staying in Marbella allowed us to take day trips to Sevilla and Ronda, as well as Tangier, Morocco.



Granada, Spain

I spotted this beautiful woman after the Corpus Christi festival, heading uphill towards La Alhambra (Granada, Spain)


Granada, Spain

Inside The Nasrid Palaces, Granada, Spain


Granada Spain ©Nancy Moon-0370

Stone gate/arch leading into Granada, Spain (built in early 10th century)


Granada Spain ©Nancy Moon-0317

Stef in the Palacio de Generalife, the summer palace and country estate of the Nasrid Emirs, Granada, Spain


Granada Spain ©Nancy Moon-0223

Me, Generalife, Granada, Spain (photo by Raffie Gordon)


Granada Spain ©Nancy Moon-0194

Gardens of the Generalife, Granada, Spain


Granada Spain ©Nancy Moon-0129

Looking out over the city of Granada, Spain


Granada Spain ©Nancy Moon-0117

Inside The Nasrid Palaces, Granada, Spain


Granada, Spain

Inside The Nasrid Palaces, Granada, Spain


Granada Spain ©Nancy Moon-0099

Inside the Nastrid Palaces, Granada, Spain


Granada Spain ©Nancy Moon-0089

Court of the Lions in La Alhambra, Granada, Spain


Granada Spain ©Nancy Moon-0024

Inside The Nasrid Palaces, Granada, Spain


Granada, Spain

Gardens leading to the Generalife, Granada, Spain


Granada, Spain

After Corpus Christi celebration in Granada, Spain


Marbella, Spain

Dinner in the beautiful town of Marbella, Spain


Marbella, Spain

I couldn’t resist taking this photograph of the doggies in the window, Marbella, Spain


Marbella, Spain

Looking up in Marbella, Spain


Marbella, Spain

The beaches of Marbella, Spain


Marbella Spain ©Nancy Moon-2-3

Walking by graffiti on the way to Marbella


Marbella, Spain

Kitesurfer in Marbella, Spain — one afternoon I counted over 22 in the water


Marbella, Spain

Imagine the beauty of 22 of these kiteboards in Marbella, Spain


Marbella, Spain

A quiet alley in Marbella, Spain


Thank you Kylie for helping me ID some of the photographs.

All photos except one are taken by Nancy Moon, using the iPhone 6-plus or the Canon EOS 5D MarkIII.

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3 responses to “Summer in Spain: Granada & Marbella’s Lovely Landscapes”

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh my goodness! What sumptuousness, Moon!
    And you know my favorite, right? You hanging out the window with the beautiful background …. Beauty fore and aft ….

  2. Laura says:

    Soooo Beautful!! I love how you capture these places. It makes me miss Europe. Love the colors of Marbella♡

  3. Phil says:

    Remarkable photos! I feel blessed to have experienced these breath taking cities with you and the family. Keep up the great work Nan