Swimming Raises Awareness For a Great Cause

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Swim Across America is dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer research prevention and treatment through swimming events. The eighth-annual Greenwich-Stamford swim is clearly one of my favorite events, they inspire the entire community to get involved in their mission. Hundreds of participants of all ages and skill levels swim between one-half mile to three miles … individually or as a team. It’s always an honor to attend the swim in June, whether I am working on the public relations or taking photographs for them. Over $300,000 was raised for the Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy, the nation’s only foundation dedicated exclusively to funding cancer gene therapy research! Please enjoy some of the pictures I took on this sunny and hopeful day.

Temporary Tattoo

Swimmer with a temporary tattoo.


blue caps

Blue caps, ready!


Swim banner

Swim Across America in Greenwich, CT.


children rooting on

Children rooting on the swimmers.


jumping in

Hundreds of swimmers …..


lone swimmer

A swimmer coming to shore.


congratulating each other






so happy

Love all of the hugging.





In honor of Vincent

In honor of Vincent.



A spectator.


Girls celebrating.

Team support.


Flags in grass

They swim in honor of …..


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