Photographer Vivian Maier Discovered But Never Found

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I was lucky enough to see the documentary Finding Vivian Maier during opening weekend at the IFC Center movie house in New York City. I also managed to attend a viewing when the co-director, John Maloof spoke. For those of you who know me, yes, I was front row, center for the showing and for his lecture. And, as you can tell below, I bought his book. What a wonderful story.

Who is Vivian Maier? She was a professional nanny in Chicago’s North Shore. From the 1950s until the 1990s she took well over 100,000 images, but didn’t show her street photography to a single soul. In 2007 her storage locker was sold off at auction after payments weren’t made. John Maloof, a Chicago-area history buff, bid on  and won a box of Vivian’s 100,000 negatives, movie footage, and 2,700 rolls of undeveloped rolls of film. He paid $380. John attempted to find Vivian, but to no avail. Finally her work has been discovered, shown in galleries, and this documentary is just out, all after her 2009 death.

What a story this is. Please scroll down and take a look at the movie trailer. You will want to run out and see this movie in a town near you.

Plus, check out the March 23, 2014 New York Times article.

Photo by NancyMoon

John Maloof, Director of the film “Finding Vivian Maier” and Nancy Moon with John’s book.

Some of my favorite images by Vivian Maier follow.

Theatrical Release of "Finding Vivian Maier"

Theatrical Release of “Finding Vivian Maier”. US Tour, click here.


Vivian Maier September 18, 1962

Vivian Maier, September 18, 1962.



Vivian Maier, May 1958.


Undated, New York, NY

Vivian Maier, New York City.


Undated, Chicago, IL

Vivian Maier, Chicago.


By Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier, New York City.


May 5, 1955. New York, NY

Vivian Maier, May 5, 1955, New York City.


IFC Center, formerly the Waverly Theatre,  is an art house movie theater in Greenwich Village, New York City.

IFC Center, formerly the Waverly Theatre, is an art house movie theater in Greenwich Village, New York City.


I have enjoyed, a Vivian Maier resource site. Check it out to see 80+ images of her works, exclusive articles about Vivian Maier, as well as her up-to-date exhibitions – it’s a unique Maier resource.

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8 responses to “Photographer Vivian Maier Discovered But Never Found”

  1. Susan Baker says:

    How fortunate for the world that Mr. Maloof chose to share her powerful work with the world. There is a lesson here for many. Thank you Nancy!

  2. lorie says:

    moon,you have done it again !!!!captured the essence of someone so beautiful ,,,i love the photo of the little boy with his nose pressed up against the window,,you shine as allways!!! no movie theatre near me,lol,,xxoo

  3. Emily McKhann says:

    Nancy, i cannot wait to see the film, and just ordered the book. Thank you for the beautiful post! xoxo

  4. Susan says:

    Nancy- Thank you for bringing Vivian Maier to my attention. I just ordered the book and look forward to seeing the documentary. What an extraordinary eye she had!

  5. I have been fascinated by Vivian Maier too Moon. I was a little girl in Chicago in the sixties. We moved north in 1968…so whenever I see her photos I peer closely wondering if I would see someone I know, or even myself…like that little girl in the ankle boots holding her mother’s dress in 1962…I was four then. Thrilled you got to be at this exciting event. I look forward to the book and the movie. xo S

  6. Virginia Lynch Dean says:

    Nancy, thanks for suggesting the movie. It was so well done and fun to see her talent. What an amazing director he is too.
    Cheers. XV