Make Room for Beginner’s Mind


I look for inspiration everywhere: admiring top photographers work, honing my own photographic style, taking photography workshops. Lately I have taken a hiatus from writing blog posts. Mainly due to my work load and the exciting news that my blog is getting a design overhaul in the coming months. It will be called Over The Moon About.

In preparation, I have been looking through all of my photographs stored on numerous hard drives, some work-related images and some from my visits to Africa, Cuba and Spain. To my surprise, when put in a single location, I had 180,000 photographs from the last fifteen years! There were a lot of duplicates so I started deleting those that didn’t light me up. Hundreds have gone to friends. So far, as of today, I have deleted 155,000 photographs. My current hard drive has only 25,000. Yes, 25,000!

Because I’ve purged so many photos, I feel lighter and ready to shoot more, to refine my style, in a sense, to be a beginner again. What perfect timing that I was able to attend AIPAD, The Association of International Photography Art Dealers, held in New York City. The work was amazing, the artists were in attendance, the critiques and lectures bountiful. Below are some of my show favorites.


Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.

-Meister Eckhart


AIPAD :: Installation by Ellen Carey









AIPAD :: Veiled Beauty by Barbara Macklowe


IPAD Leysis Quesada artist

IPAD Leysis Quesada artist



AIPAD :: Pale Forest by Lisa Holden












AIPAD :: Andy Warhol and Bianca Jagger



AIPAD :: Zebra in Namibia by Christian Cravo


AIPAD ©NestorMarti Cuba

AIPAD Nestor Marti


Steven Wilkes

Stephen Wilkes “Day to Night” series


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  • This is great Nancy! Love your enthusiasm!

  • PBSisabargain

    Cool nancy! Someday I will get to AIPAD!

    • I know you will. Mark Oct 25 on your calendar. Great Photo Expo at Javits in NYC. Thanks for commenting.

  • Phil Gordon

    Great job purging Nan…
    The AIPAD exhibit looked like a lot of fun – So happy that you are reignited with passion and that you’re ready to dive back into photography and blogging with a new perspective and drive.

    • Oh thank you Phil! Want to come over and help me delete? Ha ha. I’m really inspired. Thanks for commenting!

  • Karen Nedler Quinn

    I just love these photos. Life is going on around these incredible works of art. What a great combination!

    • Hi Karen, I love the purging. Makes room for more of my work and my new memories and new style!

  • Laura Wood

    Art…one of the many gifts in life! Thanks for sharing:)

    • Laura, thank YOU! I’m really making room for more of my vision. Love that.

  • Penny Hornwood

    Looking at the world thru a
    beginners mind.
    Nice array of photos.
    From Warhol to
    Steve. Moon musings.

    • Oh visual one….Penny, appreciate you stopping by. Love that!

  • Nancy

    You bring art with you wherever you go, Nancy Moon. Thanks. <3

  • Roberta Kravette

    Nancy, I love this: the images you shared here and the idea of ones you deleted. Good for you! It takes courage to press that delete button as well as time and determination, but it makes room for new growth, experiences, and art. Once again you have inspired me.

  • Francesca Scott

    Awesome Nancy! The message you give is one that ALL of us should think about: purging, archiving – re-thinking what we are all about as photographers. Bravissimo!

  • Hi! Oh My God. I learn to know how delete a photo. Its very difficult to me. I’m nostalgic. Definitely I need to be adopt that.Nice event that you went! Miss you friend.

  • Melea Seward

    I love this headline!