How Do You Find Focus?





At the start of every new year, I choose a word (or three) to represent the next twelve months; less a resolution, more an intention. It’s already January 11, and I have a lot of words swirling around my mind, but haven’t been able to settle on three, let alone one. Because New Year’s Resolutions tend to fall by the wayside by the time February rolls around, there is a new trend for people to choose a single resolution every month — so twelve resolutions in the course of a year, but the only commitment is to keep them for just thirty days. It could be a nice way to try on small habits and add to the ones that work.

The best thing to do I’ve found when I have a head swirling with ideas is to get outside and walk. Below, you’ll see a number of images from winter walks in my neighborhood on the Connecticut shore.

















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All photographs are taken by me, unless I have noted otherwise in the caption. I used my Canon 5D III for these shore photos.

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