Cuba Photographs Seen Through the Waterlogue App

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When I returned home from my third trip to Cuba, I hit the ground running by working on a charity swim, attending a big land trust event and preparing for the summer horse show in the Hamptons. Whew. So, my trip photography took a backseat; those photographs are still in the camera! I haven’t taken the time to edit one photograph yet.

Thank goodness, though, for the photographs and memories taken with my easy iPhone. I edited a few using my favorite iPhone app, Waterlogue. I hope these colors wash over you, and you consider traveling to Cuba soon.

Photographed: ProDanza Ballet Academy photo shoot| Team Prodanza | Vintage cars | Che Mural | Cuban & American flag at the Triplet ballet dancer’s (Ramirez Castellano) home | Playa Ancon in Trinidad, Cuba | Nancy at Paladar La Guarida | Cuban homes | Vegetable market | Nancy and Steve looking over Havaa from a rooftop | Looking down at the beautiful tiles at La Guarida.

*Photographs edited with Waterlogue App.



















All photographs are taken by me and in this blog post, I used my iPhone 6+. Want more posts like this? It’s easy. Sign up here to get them delivered to your inbox.

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