The Landmark Beauty of Grand Central Terminal

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Dear Abe, How President Kennedy loved Grand Central Terminal. [in her letter to then mayor Abe Beame to save Grand Central Terminal in the eleventh hour]

-Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, former First Lady, editor, and historic preservationist


this landmark beauty

Each day I get off the train in Grand Central, and walk into a gorgeous ornate Beaux Arts-style terminal. I always have my camera, either the Canon or the trusty iPhone. And I go looking for something that catches my eye differently than ever before. The light. The people. The buzz. It all makes me happy. Thank goodness this beautiful building is still around.

Below is a fun 15 second video of the rush rush rush, followed by some photographs that I’m putting together into a book. Come visit NYC and call me so I can meet you for a stroll. So many of you have taken me up on that. Thanks!



The Clock at Grand Central Terminal

The Clock at Grand Central Terminal


Grand Central Terminal through the Canon

Grand Central Terminal from the back of my camera


Go Pro

Captured with my GoPro


Grand Central Terminal, passengers dashing by

Grand Central Terminal, man with blue suitcase dashing by


Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal


Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal, Metro-North trains back to Connecticut


The Clock at Grand Central Terminal

The Clock at Grand Central Terminal


Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal


Many of the photographs you see in my blog posts are for sale in my online store. You might just be looking for some color or black and white images for your walls. Or think about gift giving. I take such special care in this creation, delivered in a lovely box .

All photographs are taken by me, unless I have noted otherwise in the caption. I use my Canon 5D III and the iPhone 6+.

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  • Katie Settel

    Love the images, especially the man with blue suitcase.
    Love Grand Central too, it’s just amazing, meet you there anytime…

    • Hi Katie, glad you saw the man with the blue suitcase. What a magical building this is, so yes it’s a date, we will meet there and find interesting stories. xx

  • Janet Chin-See

    I always enjoy being in Grand Central. I remembered at one time sitting on the ground in a corner watching various types of people and imagining stories as to why they were there. It was fun. Love the idea of hanging out there one day with you.

    • Janet, how nice of you to comment. I go in several days a week so let me know if you are there. I think now the guards frown upon sitting on the floor. Shame isn’t it?

  • Raffie

    Cool video and such great photos of GC! Always get a nostalgic feeling walking through there 😉