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Valentine’s Day Is About Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

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Whether you hate Valentine’s Day, love it or fall somewhere in between, here’s a fun historic fact: “In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. They would wear this name pinned onto their sleeves for one week for everyone to see. This was the origin of the expression ‘to wear your heart on your sleeve.'”

As a PR person, this factoid resonates because I wear my PR clients’ projects on my sleeve. Public relations is all about spreading the love. So, Happy Valentine’s Day, however you choose to celebrate it…or not.

But please check out the little stop motion video I created today just in time for this weekend. Ok, now I have to get back to work!


Sweet Love in Stop Motion from Nancy Moon on Vimeo.


Honey cookies

Honey cookies


All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love


Heart sugar cookies

Hearts for you


red and pink valentine's candy



Heart cookies

My friend’s cookies


I love you

I love you


Roses, bring some home

So, there is still time to bring color into your home



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