A Farm and A Wedding With Homemade Pie

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There’s nothing like getting out of town over a holiday weekend. We just returned from spending time in the Catskill mountains in upstate New York. We rented space in a Bed & Breakfast, wonderfully comfy and in close proximity to everything we wanted to spend time doing. Like attend our friend Leigh and Paul’s farm wedding across the street. I had never been to a farm wedding before. The bride has her gift registry at a truck and supply company because why on earth would a down-to-earth couple want knick-knacks to fill up their 1744 farmhouse? So smart they are. This was one of the sweetest weddings ever, ooozing with goodness.

Go explore a place in your area, right under your nose might be someplace charming, like I found here last year and here last week.


life on the farm

A farm wedding in a red barn

A farm wedding was held in a red barn



Rhinebeck New York, such a cute town in the Catskill Mountains


Mural in downtown Red Hook, a farmer's dog (what blue eyes!), a run down house with green mailbox, and vacant farm.

Mural in downtown Red Hook, a farmer’s dog (what blue eyes!), a run down house with green mailbox, and vacant farm.



The ceremony was held in Leigh and Paul’s barn


Evening at the wedding

Evening at the wedding with luminaries and pumpkins



The table decorations


Farm House.

Farm House in the distance


Working farm.

A working farm


Butterfly ©NancyMoon

The little wedding guests were all in a flutter playing with this butterfly



Barns are everywhere



Sun is setting on the wedding party



Lonely red barn



Farm Stand with 1963 Chevy Impala



Homemade sugar donuts


those wedding pies

Apple Pie ©NancyMoon

Apple Pie


Apple Pie ©NancyMoon

Apple Pie & berry pie



Berry pie


Apple Pie ©NancyMoon

Apple Pie

All photographs are taken by me, unless I have noted otherwise in the caption. I use my iPhone 6plus and Canon 5D III.

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