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My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon? — Dr. Seuss

Labor Day is upon us. My favorite summer event, The Hampton Classic Horse Show, has come and gone. Color, sport, competition, friendships, hard work, spreading the news, beautiful horses, all melded into one week. I have the honor of working with Classic Communications PR team (so much gratitude, thank you!) as they spearhead all of the public relations swirling around this prestigious equestrian event, now in its 40th year. The photographs below are random, I pulled out my camera as I buzzed about working. I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of this show through my eyes. I wrote about The Classic in 2014 and photographed some of the celebrities, several of the same faces were there. Take a peek.

The first year I attended the Hampton Classic Horse Show (and volunteered!) was in 1982 so I’ve had a love affair with horses for a very long time.




Nancy Moon, 1982-3. Hampton Classic Horse Show



Show jumping at its finest



Southampton Press



Getting ready to ride



Taking a break



Wild flowers on the grounds



Rider and her dog



Three fans



Table decoration with carrots and sunflowers



Very mod


The brilliant and talented artist for the Hampton Classic handbag, poster, mugs etc, Johnathan Hallgrey

The brilliant and talented artist for the Hampton Classic handbag, poster, mugs etc, Johnathan Hallgrey



A groom, horse and bike



Setting up for the Grand Prix, great vantage point






Number 134



The Hampton Classic



Taking a break to watch the big riders



All blue and white



Table setting for the Grand Prix



Home away from home



My feet with the apples at the in-gate, before the horses compete


The gorgeous braiding

Different ways to braid your horse’s mane (I am so impressed)



Grand Prix table



Hermes in orange



The final press conference


Karen Polle, winner of the $250,000 Grand Prix, with Marty Bauman

Karen Polle, winner of the $250,000 Grand Prix, with Marty Bauman/Classic Communications


All photographs are taken by me, unless I have noted otherwise in the caption. I use my iPhone 6+ and Canon 5D III.

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  • The photos here are just gorgeous! I have never been to the Hampton Classic, but I would bet that you totally captured it, from the decorations, the children, the horses, and even to the dogs!! Bravo and worth a book perhaps?

    • Thank you so much Kathy, you would love the show and I’m always happy to show many parts of the week, kids, dogs and VIP.

  • K.Tudor

    Nancy these are wonderful photos and a perfect primer for anyone who has not had the opportunity to visit the Hampton Classic. It’s difficult to explain the vibrancy and mood of the HC but your photos tell the story. 🙂

    • Kim, thank you so much, coming from you….I’m so happy with your comment. I wanted to show more than the VIP area, it’s a show for everyone in the community! Thanks @kimalexinatudor:disqus

  • Nancy

    You really give a sense of what it would be like to be there — not just selfies with all people we both know (or would like to know!). Just gorgeous how you put it all together. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Nancy! That was my aim, to show the beautiful week through my eyes as I went around doing press with the team. It’s bigger than just the VIP area, the community comes out in droves and I’m glad you saw it had a bit of everything. The pigtails, love those! Thx @disqus_Apugg9ZLwB:disqus

  • Tara Crowley

    You’ve captured the event beautifully — I’ve never been but have been to other shows and used to ride myself (dressage). So, yes, the world of horses and their humans is on full display here! LOVE the shots of the braids, with lots of bokeh behind. So glad you were there to cover it!

    • Thank you, Tara. If you were here with me, you would be focusing on the same parts. There is something for everyone. Thanks 🙂 @taracrowley:disqus

  • Karen Nedler Quinn

    Nancy, these pictures are amazing, brilliant and just so captivating. They make me feel like I was there. I love that you’ve been supporting this show for so many years. You haven’t aged a bit!

    • Thanks, Karen! I wanted to show bits and pieces of each part of the show so thank you for telling me you felt that. See you in NYC at some point! @karennedlerquinn:disqus

  • Steffie G

    Wow, Nan! Really enjoyed these photos-which would be perfect as postcards! What an eye. What a talent. So proud of you xo

    • Hi Steffie, thanks….postcards….great idea :). Happy you read the blog posts, means a lot. xx

  • Phil

    Great photos as always! Captured the event beautifully.

    • Hi Phil, THANK YOU so much for reading.

  • Laura

    Love the colors and as always…the way you capture it!! And you haven’t changed a bit from the first pic!! Beautiful 🙂 xo.

    • Laura, appreciate it. And the first photo, well that was 30 years ago. Thank you for THAT!

  • Elisa Smith

    Thank you for sharing your history and passion for the HC. I have never been to a horse show and these gorgeous photos transported me to the event. Big Hug, E

    • Elisa, thanks for reading…well guess what …there is a horse show coming to Central Park at the end of September….now is your chance. You will love it!

  • I loved you 1982 photo 🙂 It’s amazing. Its the same beautiful Nancy. I loved the photos 🙂 I never been in an activity like that. I really want to go someday and dressed with the beautiful outfit of Julia Roberts as in Pretty Woman movie picture… with the hat and the dot dress :). Thanks for sharing your story and your photos

    • You would love a horse show or polo match, I hope you get to one one day, with your floppy hat and pretty dress! Thanks for reading!!!

  • Stunning dear Nancy. Thank you for posting these.

    • Hi Mara, thanks for stopping in! 🙂