Add Some Color To Your Workday: Take Time to Smell the Flowers

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In April in the Northeast it snowed yet again. April! Like everyone else I know, I was impatient for Spring. As a way to ward off winter, I borrowed a super cool macro lens from Sigma and did something I’ve never done. I captured some still life photography in the form of flowers. Why? Because flowers are the antidote to snow.  I finally feel I can actually say, “Happy Spring”!

I took these photographs a week ago and loved every minute of this casual photo shoot. It’s a nice break from writing press releases and pitching journalists. These are some of my favorite spring flowers, the cala lily, spider mum (how about that green!), the pink daisy and more. Next week I’ll be back with my other ideas and photographs, a fun app and some events to attend. In the meantime, enjoy some fresh color and get ready for spring.



Calla Lily.

Calla lily


Let’s be honest here, if it wasn’t for my talented step-daughter, Stef, I would have captioned these with “Green flower”, “pink flower” and so forth. Thanks for adding the correct names for my readers that will want to know.


Flower © Nancy Moon-6905

Green spider mum


Flower © Nancy Moon-6902

African violet


Flower © Nancy Moon-6829

Dendrobium orchid



Gerbera aka gerber daisy


two pink.

Gerber daisy



Tete e tete


Just the tip.

Calla lily


White and Purple.

Hyacinth and orchid


Pink with drops.

Gerbera aka gerber daisy


Pink on table.

Cymbidium orcid



Green spider mum


Calla Lilly.

Calla lily

Thank you Sigma, Milford Photo and Beachwood Florist for your brilliant set-up!

All of these images of flowers are taken with Canon EOS 5D MarkIII and Sigma 150mm f2.8 EX DG OS.

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