Fifteen Selected Photographs From “A Journey to Havana, Cuba”

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A few days ago, I returned from “A Journey to Havana, Cuba” with photojournalist Peter Turnley. This People to People Educational exchange simply knocked my socks off and I am forever changed. To be in the presence of such a beautiful photographer, educator and storyteller for a week was such a gift. Peter is known for “documenting the human condition and current events”. You may know of him from his photographs that have graced the cover of Newsweek Magazine 43 times! Thanks to my friend Nancy Hogshead who turned me on to Peter, his work and this trip of a lifetime.

I enjoy making photographs when I’m not wearing my Public Relations hat in New York City. The photography world dovetails nicely with the PR field, as I am always telling client’s stories visually every chance I get. I’m also a fan of workshops with master photographers. You may have seen my blog posts about my fall trip to Africa here and here. I knew I wanted to visit Cuba so naturally I was very inspired by images I saw on Twitter and blogged about the tweets that inspired this trip here.

Peter took us through the streets of Havana morning, noon and night. From markets to boxing gyms, ballet studios and even La Tropical dance hall. We had special access at all times because he knows this city like he knows New York City and Paris, where he lives. On our own we woke up early and rambled around Havana, meeting the beautiful people as they walked children to school or rushed to work.

Each of the seven days, I took roughly 500 photographs (3500 total) and of those, chose my favorite 150 photos. Evening critique sessions with Peter were the highlight of my trip.  Of the 150 photos, he selected 15 of the images he liked best. His favorites of my photographs are below. Next week I will show more of the images from Havana through my lens, and hope that you will want to visit one day!

**A special shout-out to Peter’s talented staff, Cuban photographers Nestor Marti and Alain Gutierrez.**


otma cuba 2




Orange car and family Regala Havana Cuba

Orange car and family Regala Havana Cuba.  © Nancy Moon.


Centro ProDanza Ballet Havana Cuba-

Centro ProDanza Ballet Havana Cuba.  © Nancy Moon. 


Boy with flowers Havana Cuba

Boy with flowers Havana, Cuba.  © Nancy Moon. 

Havana in the early morning.

Havana in the early morning.  © Nancy Moon. 

Bus Rush Hour Havana Cuba

Bus Rush Hour Havana, Cuba. © Nancy Moon

Havana Cuba

Havana, Cuba.  © Nancy Moon. 

Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym Havana Cuba

Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym Havana, Cuba.  © Nancy Moon. 

Egido Marketplace Havana Cuba

Egido Marketplace Havana, Cuba.  © Nancy Moon. 

Regla Cuba near Santeria Church

Regla Cuba near Santeria Church.  © Nancy Moon. 

Che Guevara Regla Havana Cuba

Che Guevara Regla Havana, Cuba.  © Nancy Moon. 

Woman on a bus Havana Cuba

Woman on a bus Havana, Cuba.  © Nancy Moon. 

Compania Habana Compas Dance Marianao Cuba

Compania Habana Compas Dance Marianao Cuba.  © Nancy Moon. 

Central Havana Cuba.

Central Havana, Cuba.  © Nancy Moon. 

Barbershop Havana Cuba.

Barbershop Havana, Cuba.   © Nancy Moon.





Images in this post were taken with the Canon EOS 5D MarkIII using the Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM Lens.

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  • Susan Baker

    Loved your post and the photographs, Nancy. I’m glad you didn’t ask us to choose a favorite – impossible. Each tells its own story. Thank you!

    • Susan, happy you liked these photographs. What a talent he has and was I happy to learn from him. I am practicing my Spanish now!

  • James Alfieri Jr.

    Amazing, beautiful. Award winning photos.

    • Hi Jim! Thank you so much. And thanks for posting on your Facebook page, made me smile.

      • James Alfieri Jr.

        Each picture tells a story- I was looking at them again now and although I thought I liked the ballet class the best, really each one is too unique.. You obviously had a great experience and you have a gift Nancy. Next time you go to a place like Italy let me know I will carry your bags.

  • K.Tudor

    Magnificent photos! I’ve always wanted to visit Cuba, now your photos have lit a fire … looking into trips now. Thanks Nancy!

    • Hi, thank you so much! If you are interested in taking photographs like I did, I suggest Peter Turnley’s workshops 1,000%. I went as a participant, Steve went as a companion. Check him out, you will thank me. 🙂 @kimalexinatudor:disqus

  • Leigh Scott

    OK, now you just went to the top with these photos!! Award winning!

    • Leigh, wow oh wow. Thanks for that compliment. That means a lot.

  • Penny Hornwood

    Nancy. Looks like you took a trip to Paradise.
    The magnificence of Cuba, the colors, the people and
    that you were part of this Photo Safari is beyond.
    Going to Cuba seems like one of the outrageous
    adventures of a lifetime. Welcome back. I cannot wait to
    see the rest of your photos
    The ones you posted are beauties.

    • Penny, thank you so much. You would love it there, you love color and people and a good story.

    • Penny Hornwood

      It’s on my List. Top 5 contender.

  • Laura

    The colors are amazing!! What a magical and vibrant culture. You really captured it:)

    • Appreciate your comment, Laura! Thanks. It was a trip of a lifetime. I’m still digesting. xx

  • Karen Nedler Quinn

    Nancy, these are wonderful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them. They really give you a flavor for life in Cuba today. The colors in your photos are amazing. That must have been a trip of a lifetime!

    • It was, Karen. When you lived in Miami…did you fly over there at all? I’m glad I went now before it all changes, which it will. You must feel like that when you travel…

  • Raffie

    Wow nancy! Those were incredible. Each and every one was awesome. Glad to hear that you guys had such an amazing time in Cuba. Can’t wait for Spain!!

  • Phil

    Feeling inspired by your vision, passion and talent. Happy you are out there enjoying yourself! Great work Nan.

  • Wow Nancy, these are great. You really have a good eye for capturing these sort of moments. Amazed at how receptive the people seem to be to having their picture taken without striking any un-natural poses.

    Lovely stuff!

    • Thanks so much ….the nice people of Cuba are receptive, I asked them often and showed them the photograph afterwards. I hope that doesn’t change when all the Americans head over. I’ll see WildEye at some point again for safari, as Africa still in my heart.

  • Wonderful Moon. Really wonderful. Any laundry in Cuba? xoxoS

    • Oh Suzi. You would laugh if you saw how many laundry-hanging-from-balcony-photographs I took. I can’t really do a blog on laundry, but it has crossed my mind. Love your blogs, especially today’s blog…I have been to that office before :).

  • Colleen Bushby

    What a great story of life in Cuba, Nancy…thank you!

    • Hi Colleen, oh thank you for reading and liking 🙂

  • Eric Robinson

    Great Pics! It looks like time stopped 50 years ago but the people are especially beautiful without the western influences.

  • Tammi Wilson

    Stunning! I’d like to go with you next time.

  • Steffie G

    YOU knock my socks off! These are the best photos I’ve seen of Cuba. Not only are the images gorgeous but you’ve really captured a spirit in each one of these. Bravo!

  • Winifred Toro

    Loved your photos and your spirit. It was an amazing experience to being with you in an incredible week in the amazing and human island of Cuba.

  • Im registered right now 🙂 Hope to see you in another workshop or NY very soon with a date with our lovely cameras

    • A ha, there you are. You will like Disqus, you can use it to comment on other blogs. I took a photo of Nestor at an angle tonight, we laughed because we were thinking of YOU. Thanks so much!

      • Guest

        jajaja really! I want to see that photo. I would loved to be with you guys yesterday. i was little bit sentimental for my feet and this hectic job that did not permit me to have enough free time to do that kind of adventures to take a plane and enjoy the life

  • Jodie

    Nancy, your photos are great!!

    It is really hard to step into Cuba and try and capture it’s soul, nicely done.

    And for those who have not been to Cuba, what I mean by hard is, there is so such much going on everywhere, pretty much all the time, its hard to slow it down and make an image and not just take a picture… 🙂

    I can’t wait to see more.

  • Don

    Wonderful, exotic images Nancy. The boxer, the woman sitting on the stoop with the younger man laying nearby, the old car with the padlock and the woman with cane walking nearby. So exotic. i want to know more about each of them. THANKS. Makes me want to go to Cuba soon.

  • Barb Kramer

    I’m so glad your Mom sent the photos. I knew they would be great.

  • Juan Pablo Noroña

    All the pics are lovely, but the one taken in Centro Prodanza just melt my heart. You see, i know one of those girls, the one in the center in a black leotard. She´s like a daughter to me, and i haven´t seen her in 5 years. Her name is Alia María, but we all call her Cuqui. The mother sends me pictures, of course, but this one is so precious because is so unexpected. Thank you so much for this moment.