Bracing for the Blizzard from Behind the Lens

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New England is bracing for a huge blizzard in the New York City area and beyond. We made sure we had food in the house (store shelves are a bit bare), gasoline in the cars, gasoline for the generator and salt for the driveway. We made sure our friends, family and neighbors were safe. We heard about and digested the news regarding pending power outages, emergency shelter availability, winds of 60 mph, and possible flooding (we live on a beach road in Connecticut). Then it was off to the beach in a 4-wheel drive for a short visit — camera in hand — to relax and find the beauty in this day.




Beach gulls were having a blast in the snow. This was the calm before the storm.



Southport Beach.


Last year this was one of my favorite photos from the beach.

This was one of my favorite photos from a day at the beach in January 2014. I was the proud owner of a new Canon at this time and was so happy with the result.


Hey, what do you have in your mouth?

Hey, what do you have in your mouth?



Our front yard.



Across the street at the beach last year.


Today roaming around town before the snow became really deep. 



Seeing kayaks in the snow makes me think of summertime. 

On another note, some cool mobile phone apps to try


Look how beautiful this gull looks using the Waterlogue app. It can transform any photograph into a watercolor picture.


Waterlogue app.

Waterlogue app.


And for those of you who are tired of seeing photos of the snow, here is a beachy photo for you.


I used the Image Blender app ($2.99) for the iPhone and iPad. The idea is pretty basic but the things you can do with this app are endless. Here is my step-daughter, Stef, as a little girl and as she is today. Thanks for always being such a great model!

One of my favorite apps :: the Blender app.

One of my favorite apps :: the Image Blender app.


Photographs in this particular post are taken with the iPhone 5s and the EOS Canon 5D Mark 111.

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