Why I’m Not Making A Resolution for 2015

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The internet is full of suggestions to create New Year’s resolutions: desire lists, help to change our habits, gratitude exercises, encouragement to make a list of intentions or take on new traditions for 2015. Last year, along with Chris Brogan, I selected three words as intentions for 2014: Community, Create, Growth. I liked that exercise and truthfully did focus on those three words all year long. You can read “My Three Words for 2014 blog here. It was really quite amazing.

In 2015, I’m simplifying my approach.

My word for 2015 is BOLD.

Some images that inspired me.  {collage: local seagulls, zebras in Kenya, me on safari and surfing in Costa Rica}


I am not going to try to fix my life, or lose weight. I do have some things I would like to master like Spanish so I can speak with the locals when I’m in Cuba and then Spain this year. And I would like to take more photographs while properly digesting what I am seeing and feeling. 2015 will be my year to try entirely new things and foster and fuel my creativity, just for starters.

So all of this is to say, I selected one word for 2015. Just. One. Word. One word to inspire me. To wake up to.

The word is BOLD. Here are a few images that remind me of my word for 2015. BOLD. Live BOLDLY. I have big things coming up in 2015. It’s a perfect word for me. Do you make a list of some sort, or select a word? I would love to hear about what you find beneficial in your life.


My word for 2015 is BOLD.

My word for 2015 is BOLD. {collage: hot air balloon ride in Kenya, news of Cuba opening up to Americans, focus on Moon PR and  photographic safari}

These might give you ideas:

1. Use Pinterest to post images that align with your desires or word.

2. Denise DiGrigoli’s My Daily Drive, set aside nine minutes a day — “Life is daily. Move it forward, mindfully”.

3. Journal 52 — weekly prompts.

4. Chris Brogan — his 3 words for 2015.


Photographs in this particular post are taken with the iPhone 5s and the EOS Canon 5D Mark 111.

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  • lorie

    Love your new’BOLD’,thanks for sharing,inspirational ,,makes me think of the song by the 5th dimension “Up Up and Away ,would you like to ride with me in my beautify balloon?’

    • You are so kind, Lorie! I’m waking up to BOLD this morning. Thanks for commenting and Happy New Year. xx

  • Katie Settel

    I think Bold fits very well, being it matches your actions!! Looks like we will all have more chances to watch you LIVING OUT LOUD—BOLDLY!

    • @katiesettel:disqus Thanks for commenting. I’m curious about what your word is for this year, if you have one. You have HUGE things going on in your creative life. xx

      • Katie Settel

        I had to think about what my word would be. I now know, I just read a blog by Jane and there is was… My word is ACTION.

        Nothing could fit better.

        • It’s perfect for you! You will see it popping up all the time in everything you do! @katiesettel:disqus

  • Karen Nedler Quinn

    LOVE your 3 words, Nancy. You inspire me. I’ve always felt you lived boldly, but this year it will be even more so. I look forward to reading about all your bold adventures in the months to come.

    • Thank you so much, I thought about this word so much. 🙂 It’s snowing in NYC! @karennedlerquinn:disqus

  • janepollak

    I will hold you to this, Nancy. Love your choice. Speaks for itself.

    • Hi, it seems to be my word for sure. Thanks for encouragement, always. xx @janepollak:disqus

  • Raffie

    A powerful word to live by! Very inspiring post nancy 😉

  • Phil

    I like that – I will be BOLD in 2015 along with you. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Phil, super. I might just hold you to that. Thanks for commenting.

  • lisarichards123

    I love sharing your journeys from across the world and being the recipient of your flourishing creativity. You shine Mrs Moon. xxoo

    • Oh how nice of you to say, I just told my husband how you and I met xx thank you thank you. Are you performing in NYC this year? @lisarichards123:disqus

  • Laura

    Bold!! Perfect word for you!! I will hold you to it 🙂 ahh the magic I am feeling as 2015 begins. xo.

    • HI and thanks — please do hold me to it! @disqus_nFZeIndYSn:disqus

  • Flawless Foundation

    Love this. Ms. Bold and Beautiful

    • Hello and thank you for reading and commenting. I know your year has started off with a bang! What a colorful life you have!

  • Laura

    Easy-breezy!! will do:)

  • Barbara Arnold

    Love this Nancy! Thanks for sharing. Also, check your LinkedIn email for a private message.

    • Barbara, thanks for reading. It’s been ages. How are you doing?

  • Barbara Marks

    Nancy your blog and thoughtful discussion always inspires me. As I was preparing to make my own NYR list, I let it go and decided to focus instead on some words as you suggested. It came to me while reading a book for my book group, The Boys in the Boat, the boys said a word to each other to encourage them and it was MIB, which stood for Mind in the Boat. That’s my word for 2015, MInd in whatever I’m doing, if its working MIW, if its with my family MIF, and try to be really present in whatever activity I am doing.

    Thanks as always.

    Cheers to Bold New Year!


    • Mind in __________. Oh I really like that. A lot. Thanks for telling me that…and for reading….and drat….did not see this comment on my blog. Happy I just checked. Hope to see you soon. @disqus_RQhbSCvmUp:disqus

  • Jacqueline Boone

    Oh wow! That’s too funny. I started reading this post and then clicked on the “2014” one and saw your idea about the 3 words, which was interesting to me, and I shared with you my “one” word philosophy, only to see that’s exactly what 2015 is about! Love it! And “bold” is an incredible word and theme–stirs the imagination. I’ll give my word some more thought and have something for you when we meet! 🙂

    • Jacqueline Boone

      p.s. Great suggestion about Pinterest! Love creating dreams and visions there.

    • Gosh, Jackie, so sorry for this delay. I didn’t get a ping telling me it was here. When I see you …. let’s talk about the words we have chosen and how our year is going. Thanks for teaching the class coming up, just can’t wait. You are so inspirational! @jacquelineboone:disqus

      • Jacqueline Boone

        Sounds great, Nancy! Looking forward to seeing you at the class! 🙂