Why Getting Away Is Good For You: 24 Hours in the Hudson Valley

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I took two days off from work recently during the middle of the week. One of my days was spent in the Berkshires, and I wrote about that visit here, including a list of things I remembered by being away:

  • Culture is not just in New York City.
  • Taking a break from social media–Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook–for a few days won’t kill me.
  • I still had my work projects when I returned home and my clients still liked me even though I had boundaries.
  • Going off technology for a week is on my list to do in September.
  • Sometimes seeing a girlfriend is the best medicine.
  • Like-minded friends can feed the soul.
  • I rediscovered eating well, food co-ops and people that smile a lot.
  • Coffee shop tea and coffee seems to taste better in the country.
  • Driving in a car with no distractions — alone time — is the best.

The second day off, I spent in the Hudson Valley area or Dutchess County in New York, visiting my friend, Leigh Scott, from Hub Industries. She drove me all around Red Hook, Tivoli, Millerton and Rhinebeck, specifically. Small town USA. I had no idea this area would be so beautiful, the farms so stunning, the towns so interesting (and photogenic!), and the food delicious. Here are some photos I took during my 24 hours spent in this charming area. I’ll be back, Leigh. Thank you!



Wildflowers in Red Hook, behind Leigh’s house.


Working farm.

A working farm where Leigh buys her fresh food.


Shopping in Red Hook and Rhinebeck, NY.

Shopping in Red Hook and Rhinebeck NY :: Including, Beekman Arms Inn where George Washington stayed; Battenfeld’s for Anemones; Plus, love the magazines they read here.


Red Hook.

Hudson Valley.



Farming is everywhere. Thankfully.



Leigh with handpicked flowers from her friend’s farm.


Mural in Red Hook, a farmer's dog, a vacant  farm and and worn down house.

Mural at Saperstein’s store in Millerton, a dog at the CSA farm, a run down house with mailbox, and vacant “Never-Done” farm.


Daisies at a Farm in Red Hook

Daisies at the CSA farm: Community Supported Agriculture.


Organic spotlights the Hudson Valley and numerous farmers.

An art exhibit: “Organic: Farmers & Chefs of the Hudson Valley.”

Francesco Mastalia’s book about farmers in the Hudson Valley will be out soon. Pre-order his book.

Exhibit in Red Hook area.

Photography exhibit at the Moviehouse in Millerton’s Studio Gallery. Exhibit is now traveling around the New York area.


Art Exhibit.

Photo by Francesco Mastalia.


Art Exhibit.

Francesco Mastalia took these antique looking images with this camera above and others.


Farm House.

Farm House.



Window and doors and more doors. All over town.


Me. Vacant farm house and the very cool blue mailbox. I want this.

Me. Vacant farm house and their very cool blue mailbox. I wanted this but way too big to carry and I wanted everyone else to enjoy it!


Most images are taken with the iPhone 5s. A few are taken with the Canon EOS 5D MarkIII.

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