Things I Remembered During My Time Away in the Berkshires

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Sometimes I look at my work schedule and think I really really need a break, to see girlfriends and laugh and see some culture outside of my own area: New England-fare, museums, restaurants, concerts, country coffee shops, that sort of thing.

I drove simply two hours to the Berkshires in Massachusetts, I have to admit that I didn’t know it was this close to my home. I also drove to another spot in New York, I’ll blog about that next week. Stay tuned.

What I remembered from my time away:

  • Culture is not just in New York City.
  • Taking a break from social media–Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook–for a few days won’t kill me.
  • I still had my work projects when I returned home and my clients still liked me even though I had boundaries.
  • Going off technology for a week is on my list to do in September.
  • Sometimes seeing a girlfriend is the best medicine.
  • Like-minded friends can feed the soul.
  • I rediscovered eating well, food co-ops and people that smile a lot.
  • Coffee shop tea and coffee seems to taste better in the country.
  • Driving in a car with no distractions — alone time — is the best.
Edward Hopper.

Edward Hopper. Through October 26, 2014 at the Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge MA.


I was looking so forward to seeing American Masters Rockwell & Hopper with my friend Elisa, currently at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge MA. Here is a wonderful display of Norman Rockwell pieces on Pinterest.

I look all the time for something that suggests something to me. I think about it. Just to paint a representation or a design is not hard, but to express a thought in a painting is…I’ve never been able to paint what I set out to paint.” — Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper

Early Sunday Morning, Edward Hopper, 1930. Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge MA.


Boy and Moon, Edward Hopper, 1906-7.

Boy and Moon, Edward Hopper, 1906-7. Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge MA.


Norman Rockwell.

The Runaway, by Norman Rockwell.


Family at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Family at the Norman Rockwell Museum. Smart mother.


Norman Rockwell.

The Gossips by Norman Rockwell, 1948. Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge MA.

A highlight of my 24 hours in the Berkshires was seeing my friend Suzi Banks Baum, artist, writer, teacher and mom. Now that I am writing and taking photographs for my own blog, being with uber-creatives like Suzi really lights me up. I had a chance to see her colorful work space, divine. We went to an estate sale, ate lunch at the healthiest spot imaginable in Great Barrington, and of course she took me to a spot to take photographs. Bliss.

Suzi Banks Baum.

Here I am with Suzi Banks Baum, our hands are filled with estate sale finds.


Suzi Banks Baum finds.

Suzi’s finds. I don’t know where I was, but I didn’t see these when I was rummaging about at the estate sale.


Suzi Banks Baum finds.

Suzi’s finds, again. And I REALLY didn’t know where I was when she found these. Jealous.


Suzi Banks Baum on our photo walk in the Berkshires.

Suzi on our photo walk in the Berkshires.

When I first moved to New York City, I ventured north to the Red Lion Inn which is still adorable and very New Englandy. Stolling through town was such a joy.


Red Lion Inn, looking up.

Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge MA….. looking up.


Me at the Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, MA.

Me at the Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, MA.


Stockbridge street.

Stockbridge, MA.


Woman watering flowers at the Chamber of Commerce in Stockbridge.

Woman watering flowers at the Chamber of Commerce in Stockbridge, MA.


Great Barrington, MA.

A street in Great Barrington, MA.


Peonies from Red Hook NY.

Flowers at Elisa’s. I bought these the day before, look how they opened up!


Great Barrington.

Great Barrington, MA.


I visited a family with a fun 9 year old daughter, so of course we had to take pictures for Instagram.

I stayed with my friends and their two great kids. Here, their daughter is perfecting her photo taking with an iPad.

All photos above are taken with my iPhone 5s.


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