Over the Moon About Farmers Markets, This Book & Getting Outside

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More from my Over the Moon About Series — here are a few things that caught my eye in the last few weeks. Enjoy!


Farmers Markets — searching for the color and lushness

Fruit and Vegetables collected from various Farmer's Markets in the region, from New York to Boston.

Fruit and vegetables collected from various Farmers Markets in the region, from New York to Boston.

Each week I buy my fruit and vegetables at the farmers markets in Union Square, NYC; Westport, CT or from farms farther afield in Connecticut. I also take pictures of just about everything I buy and put the images on Instagram. At the moment I am on a vegetable and fruit cleanse, after a week of loading up on cheesecake and homemade blueberry pie during Father’s Day weekend. So I’m in love with eating across the rainbow again.

There is so much great food available from your local farms, and plenty where you can to pick your own fruit. I hope you get out and eat something healthy too!


Books as Thx

thx thx thx.

thx thx thx.

A friend said thank you to me recently by gifting me this sweet book entitled thx thx thx: thank goodness for everything by Leah Dieterich.  The author inspires a daily exercise in gratitude. What a perfect gesture, and such a timely topic for me. If you have been reading my blog, you know my mother always taught me the virtues of writing thank you notes. And as you’ve seen by the post on my recent calligraphy class, I’m doing a good job of putting pen to paper. I write thank you notes to each and every journalist who writes a story on my clients.


Getting outside. So what are you doing this weekend?

I took this picture of a young hiker at an Aspetuck Land Trust preserve.

I took this picture of a young hiker at an Aspetuck Land Trust preserve.

I hope you can take some time away from the office now and then. The minute I get home from the city, I head to the beach or to the woods. It helps that I am very fond of Aspetuck Land Trust with preserves in Westport, Easton, Fairfield, and Westport (I do PR for their initiatives). They have scheduled hikes during the evening and on the weekends, too. Grab a friend or family member and get outside, wherever you live. This young hiker caught my eye one day. How can you pass on this photo opportunity?

Aspetuck Land Trust

Aspetuck Land Trust.


Trout Brook Valley, Connecticut.

Trout Brook Valley, Connecticut. Taken with the iPhone.


Fly Fishing

Trail Marker, Newman-Poses Preserve in Westport (as-in-Paul-Newman).


Fly Fishing.

Fly Fishing.


And, I’m over the moon about these links, apps, and people…


Do you want to create text over your photographs, all from your cell phone? Try Phonto.

GramPro keeps track of stats for Instagram. Thanks to my friend and Social Media for Business teacher, Jacqueline Boone.

MyLite for the iPhone is the best flashlight ever. So I don’t fall as I hike at night {shhh}

And this, one of the funniest videos I have seen this week. Maybe you see yourself in this? I sure do.


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  • Susan Baker

    Nancy, the PR work you are doing for Aspetuck helps so many – thank you for your creativity in all you do!

    • @disqus_bNm83Awgen:disqus thanks so much Susan! I love my PR work for great projects like this. They do so much good work so I like to write about them. And take pictures too. Thanks for your support!

  • lorie

    colorful ,whimsical,inviting just like you xxxooo look forward to your visit to the old lyme farmers market xxoo

    • @disqus_8DQYaeiH2m:disqus thanks for commenting, you are going to be around one of the prettiest farmers markets ever. I’ll come and we will digest all the color!

  • laura

    As usual~ love these pictures! Yumm regarding fruits and veggies! I had tons of watermelon and greens yesterday:) ohh and the magic of gratitude. ..sooo true!

    • Thanks, Laura. The magic of gratitude. I never can read too much about that topic. I’m grateful for YOU.

  • Jacqueline Boone

    Stunning pictures as always, Nancy! Especially enjoyed the 1st photo. And this video is absolutely hysterical and so true. Thanks for sharing and for the shout out about the Social Media course. Look forward to your next post! 🙂

    • @jacquelineboone:disqus I’m happy to watched entire video, it’s a crack up and so true. You are such a great SM teacher, I would shout you out all day! Thanks for your support re, my blogging.

      • Jacqueline Boone

        Aww, thank you, Nancy! Anytime–keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Jacqueline Boone

    p.s. I watched 3 minutes of the video uninterrupted before re-reading your post. Sounds like the start of a great new life experiment: Taco….no wait, that’s not it, Tabless Thursday! 😉

  • Tabless Thursday and a trip to the Farmer’s Market go together! I like to take “hands free” breaks….because really, is it that important to carry my gadget in my hand? When I start taking photos, then take photos…but not text too? These are the questions that roll round my head. So looking forward to taking you to my CSA farm on Friday. xoxoxo S

    • @suzibanksbaum:disqus Seeing you tomorrow will be such a treat. I think I have to carry to my iPhone so I can take all the glorious images in the Berkshires! You are such a great sponge, you read every drop, thanks.

  • Colleen Bushby

    I always love reading your posts, Nancy, but today was definitely delicious! LOVE those vibrant farmers’ markets photos. I am ready to take on the Tabless Thursday challenge, but just realized it will have to start next week since I already had multiple tabs open before reading your blog today!

    • @colleenbushby:disqus So funny, Colleen. If you ever want to make a collage, let me know and I’ll advise, loads of fun. Thanks for reading what I write. I love the writing…

  • Phil Gordon

    The Land Trust looks amazing… I want to go out there one day with you and take photos. Nice post!

    • Hey @disqus_m3PJFLKD36:disqus thanks for reading. You can always come to hike, pick blueberries… CT is so lush. Have a good week.

  • I love all the colors in your collage, I too am looking for a little reprieve from the business of the 9-5 this summer. I have some things to mail to you BTW. 😀

    • Hi @modchik:disqus I’m happy your photography show was a success! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting :). I’m sending you my address.

  • Mara McEwin

    Just incredible images, and your blog inspires me so much. Just wonderful Nancy!