Kinfolk in Brooklyn: Eating Well, Community and Inspiration

Slowing Down, Featured


I have been a fan of the Kinfolk Magazine for awhile now. I look at it for personal inspiration on cooking and gatherings, and often try to work in ways for my clients to be written about in their pages.

“We’re about living with intention, thinking about what you’re doing and trying to enjoy the smaller things, like a meal, a conversation, time out with friends“, says Kinfolk’s founder

So when I found out that they were having Kinfolk neighborhood dinners all around the world on the same day, themed “L’ESPRIT DE LA MER”, I signed up for dinner-for-two with my husband. There were 22 dinners, in places as far away as Spain, New Zealand, Portugal, Japan, Turkey, and Germany. The closest northeast location was in Brooklyn, and the host, Karen Mordechai with Sunday Suppers, a communal cooking center. The photographs I took during the evening follow. It was such a pleasure to watch the pretty evening unfold. I hope you enjoy and get inspired.

One of my favorite issues of Kinfolk Magazine.

One of my favorite issues of Kinfolk Magazine.


Kinfolk dinner at Sunday Suppers in Brooklyn.

The Kinfolk gathering at Sunday Suppers in Brooklyn.


Cocktails before Kinfolk dinner.

Cocktails before the Kinfolk gathering at Sunday Suppers.


Sunday Suppers staff.

Sunday Suppers staff.


Salad making.

Preparing dinner.


Lovely food preparation.

Lovely food preparation. Beet and herb yogurt for the flatbread that is served.


Snooping at the dessert way too early.

Snooping at the dessert way too early.


Salad preparation.

Halloumi, fig and radish salad. 



Black sesame flatbread.


The community.

The Kinfolk gathering ~ family style tables at Sunday Suppers.



The menu.



Potatoes, ramp salsa verde.



Whole fish, baked in sea salt and lemon.


Fish bones.

The remains, whole fish dinner.


Dessert is put out. See the bridge in background.

Dessert is put out. Gorgeous bridge in the background.


Yummy dessert.

Olive oil cake with pistachios.


Another view of the kitchen and beautiful bridge in the distance.

Another view of the kitchen … and the bridge in the distance gets me every time.


Name dessert.

Olive oil cake served with rose cream.


Cleanup begins.

Sunday Suppers cleanup begins. What a wonderful night!