Colors Get Brighter The Farther You Wander

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The people in Jamaica are as colorful as the landscapes. As you’ll see in the images below, everywhere you look are flashes of intense solids and striking color combinations that appear to be by design, but in fact are a fabric of the culture. Last week I introduced you to the faces of Jamaica. This week, the colors of Jamaica, which, I learned, get more vibrant the farther off the beaten path you go.

While there, I fully expected to take only family photographs on the beach. But, really my true desire was to be in the community as much as possible with my family, talking with the locals, at the farmer’s market in the morning, roaming around the neighborhoods in Montego Bay. Plus, I set the alarm on my phone each day at noon so I could walk to the rocks and take photographs of the fish Sanjay caught that morning with his spear. Or to see Ruppert and Patricia, local artisans, to talk about life in Jamaica. I walked miles upon miles each day around the resort talking to people, meeting staff that knew my friends in Connecticut, snapping pictures of them. I plotted my recommendation for TripAdvisor and gathered names of those staff that should be acknowledged.

On one of my favorite days I was driven around by Kingsley, to the market and to his neighborhood in the hills. You can see the laundry, the murals, and the colorful painted wooden shops far away from tourists, but in the heart of his everyday life. This is my final collection of photographs from this lovely island.

It’s hard leaving all of the ridiculously gorgeous colors, but it’s springtime at home now and my camera is out. Back to the heart of my PR life.

What an inviting hello to Jamaica

What an inviting hello to Jamaica.


Gorgeous water in Montego Bay.


Anchovy, Jamaica

Anchovy, Jamaica.


The Charles Gordon Market in Montego Bay, Jamaica.


Pink tree, get name

Bougainvillea, Montego Bay, Jamaica.


The walls and window sills around Montego Bay.

The walls and windows around Montego Bay.


An old train in Montego Bay

An old train in Montego Bay.


Anchovy, Jamaica.


Sanjay and his catch-of-the-day in Montego Bay

Sanjay and his catch-of-the-day in Montego Bay.


A store in _____ Jamaica

A store in Bickerstetch,  Jamaica.