Pick Up Your Camera: Learn About Local Culture Through a New Lens

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I’ve said this before, I’m a PR and marketing professional first. But I can’t seem to put down the camera, especially when there is so much to learn about people and places. I could tell you about my family’s trip to Jamaica but wanted to share some images instead. And thanks to Montego Bay drivers Dennis and Kingsley, I was able to see much more of the island than I expected (next week I will show more images).

I loved our three mornings driving through shantytown, arriving at the Charles Gordon Market, a dark and shabby market selling every vegetable, fruit and herb under the sun. An engaging Rasta farmer gifted me a Calabash bowl (plant used as a vegetable or utensil) from his personal collection. Another highlight of the trip was visiting my driver Kingsley’s neighborhood. We went through Montpelier, Bickersteth, Anchovy, all secretive towns with no tourists around. I witnessed sports day at the Bickersteth school. I’m steeped in a huge amount of longing to be surrounded by the locals wherever I go and somehow having my camera opens up a new world for me. Ya Mon and Be Respectful are said everywhere. I love this island.

Immersing myself in a local culture wholly unlike my own helps me make new connections at home, which ultimately makes me a better PR and marketing professional at the end of the day.

Meeting Ruppert was probably the highlight of my trip. He has worked selling his wares on the beach for 46 years.


We met her at the Fruit Market.

We met this little girl in pink at the Fruit Market.



A happy farmer.



I woke up to this smile, my morning smoothie-maker.



A big Jamaica welcome.



Another farmer on his way to the market in Montego Bay.