Kayaks covered in snow in Southport Connecticut at Ye Old Yacht Yard

How I Spent My Snow Day

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While it’s true that adults are expected to go into the office despite the winter weather, I decided to do something different—and take a snow day. I decided not to go into NYC to work, rested Moon PR on the shelf for the day, and accomplished quite a lot. I baked, walked the trails in town, took pictures, wrote a blog, planned my next vacation and even worked on my next bold adventure.

To make the most of my snow day, I headed to the water in both Fairfield and Southport, Connecticut to do one of my favorite things—take pictures. I am always amazed at how the snow looks, covering the coastline and piling delicately on top of the colorful boats.

Astonishingly, despite the single digit temperatures, I ran into a painter. I was excited to see someone so dedicated to their art, and happily introduced myself for a quick chat. His name is Keith Magner and he calls his outdoor work Plein Air.

There were several beautiful things about my snow day. I was able to be creative, which I believe is vital to everyone. I took some photos during a beautiful time of the year.  I was also able to connect to someone in my community, who ended up emailing me an image of his painting from that day.

Winter can be a challenge for all of us, so I focus on truly enjoying it. Taking an adult snow day, focusing on your creativity, and getting out into your community is a good start. How would you spend your ideal snow day?


Kayaks covered in snow in Southport Connecticut at Ye Old Yacht Yard