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Recently I was asked to speak about Public Relations to the participants in Jane Pollak‘s Mastermind Intensive. Jane really lives her tagline: “Leading Remarkable Women to Uncommon Success.” She was kind enough to write a blog post about my visit.

“What I particularly noticed during Nancy’s talk was her joy in doing this. It’s like a gigantic puzzle she’s looking to solve. She clearly relishes the journey and delights in getting her client placed in exactly the right media.”

Yes, I do think that every public relations challenge is a puzzle to solve, and I couldn’t help but offer some of my favorite PR tips and tricks. Thank you, Jane!

Screenshot 2014-01-13 14.56.28


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  • Laura

    She is spot on ~ you are so in your joy when you are expressing your natural gift of PR!! Taking people & products to market is effortlessly magical for you:) Love seeing it!

    • Laura, thank you so much for saying that {and for stopping by the blog}. I do love my work and I’m happy it shows.

  • Karen Quinn

    Nobody does PR better than Nancy Moon!

    • Appreciate that, Karen! I so enjoy working with YOU!

  • Ferg Devins

    truly great to see an “artist” recognized for her “work”…I’ve always been one to say that PR is truly an art and masters of it are a rare breed…particularly leaders in PR…way to go Nancy…@FergDevins

    • Hi Ferg! Thank you so much for the kind words, means a lot to me! Followed you on Twitter, good stuff!